Inactivity on Active Travel

The projected emissions pathway in the draft climate change strategy (which doesn’t even get York near its commitment to be net zero by 2030) reports that York needs to see a 71% reduction in transport emissions by 2030, which will be achieved by a 25% decrease in the number of miles driven and a 33%Continue reading “Inactivity on Active Travel”

City of York Council: get your act together

We’re livid about City of York Council’s failure to deliver on its active travel schemes, and their current recommendation to scrap two vital schemes. We’ve put together an email asking City of York Council to ‘get their active travel act together’, and we’re asking you to Email York Council now – in one click andContinue reading “City of York Council: get your act together”

Active Travel Funding Threatened

Last week City of York Council was awarded £350,000 of active travel funding to carry out cycle parking improvements and create ‘people streets’ outside two schools. This small crumb from the £2 billion active travel funding pot confirms that York, along with Bournemouth and Worcestershire, has been placed firmly on the naughty step by theContinue reading “Active Travel Funding Threatened”

There’s Room On Piccadilly

Photo credit: Richard Lane The Campaign is speaking at an Executive Member for Transport Decision Session today (17th May 2022), at which proposals are being put forward for the redevelopment of Piccadilly as part of the Castle Gateway Masterplan. Whilst it’s great that this part of the city is getting some much needed attention theContinue reading “There’s Room On Piccadilly”