Piccadilly Proposals

In early July plans were revealed for the redesign of Piccadilly as part of the Castle Gateway masterplan. The Campaign were dismayed that despite various conversations during the public engagement process space has been found for any segregated cycle lanes leading into the city centre linking from the Ouse riverside paths via the new cycleContinue reading “Piccadilly Proposals”

Will the new Piccadilly be safe for a 12 year old cyclist?

York Castle Gateway’s latest development is the release of revised proposals for St George’s field and Piccadilly. Part of the wider masterplan to revitalise the area around Clifford’s Tower, these proposals will form the first phase of works. To the south, a new multi-storey car park on the site of St George’s Field will allowContinue reading “Will the new Piccadilly be safe for a 12 year old cyclist?”

Castle Gateway Response

The latest proposals for the Castle Gateway masterplan were tabled at the City of York Council executive meeting at the end of last month (April 26th), for approval allowing the masterplan to move into its next stages. Campaign member Dr. Jamie Wood attended to present the a statement about the cycling provision indicated in theContinue reading “Castle Gateway Response”

My Castle Gateway Masterplan Ideas

In the cold of a late November weekend a small marquee made its way around the southern tip of York city centre, at each stop collecting a small gathering of passersby alive with discussion and debate. This conversation was inspired by the Masterplan Ideas for the Castle Gateway area, developed by international architecture and designContinue reading “My Castle Gateway Masterplan Ideas”