Active Travel Funding Threatened

Last week City of York Council was awarded £350,000 of active travel funding to carry out cycle parking improvements and create ‘people streets’ outside two schools. This small crumb from the £2 billion active travel funding pot confirms that York, along with Bournemouth and Worcestershire, has been placed firmly on the naughty step by theContinue reading “Active Travel Funding Threatened”

There’s Room On Piccadilly

Photo credit: Richard Lane The Campaign is speaking at an Executive Member for Transport Decision Session today (17th May 2022), at which proposals are being put forward for the redevelopment of Piccadilly as part of the Castle Gateway Masterplan. Whilst it’s great that this part of the city is getting some much needed attention theContinue reading “There’s Room On Piccadilly”

Clifford’s Tower Planning Response

Planning was submitted in February for the latest section of the Castle Gateway masterplan, under the planning reference 22/00209/FULM. The proposals remove the car park at the base of Cliffords Tower replacing it with a multi-function landscaped area which extends to the Eye of York and along Tower Street in front of the Hilton hotel.Continue reading “Clifford’s Tower Planning Response”

Piccadilly Proposals

In early July plans were revealed for the redesign of Piccadilly as part of the Castle Gateway masterplan. The Campaign were dismayed that despite various conversations during the public engagement process space has been found for any segregated cycle lanes leading into the city centre linking from the Ouse riverside paths via the new cycleContinue reading “Piccadilly Proposals”