Emergency Travel Fund Letter

On Monday the 3nd of August members of the Campaign came together to protest against the apparent lack of suitability in the Council’s proposals for tranche 2 of the Government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF). The EATF is a pot of money that has been allocated from central government to aid local authorities in implementingContinue reading “Emergency Travel Fund Letter”

Cycle Provision During COVID-19

Cycling is played a crucial transport role during the Covid-19 crisis, providing a safe means of transport for key-workers, enabling volunteers to deliver food and medication to those who are isolating, making green spaces accessible for those without access to gardens, and providing a much-needed safe means of exercise for ordinary people. Social distancing is going toContinue reading “Cycle Provision During COVID-19”

Make Room for Walking & Cycling in York During the Covid-19 Crisis

Our lives have changed dramatically in recent weeks. It’s been amazing and heartening to see how everyone has pulled together and adapted in creative and thoughtful ways. Cycling has played a crucial role, providing a safe means of transport for key-workers, enabling volunteers to deliver food and meds to those who are isolating, making greenContinue reading “Make Room for Walking & Cycling in York During the Covid-19 Crisis”

Beat The Social Distancing By Bike

This article was edited on the 24th March 2020 reflect the latest instructions issued by the Government on the evening of Monday the 23rd March. In the past week the world as we know it has changed beyond what could have been imagined a few months, weeks, even days ago. Schools are closed to allContinue reading “Beat The Social Distancing By Bike”