Letter to the Council

At the Council’s August executive meeting we made a statement on the decline in ccling number in York during a period in which cycling numbers nationally have increased. Below is a copy of the letter we sent addressing the issue following our statement. Dear Neil Ferris, Keith Aspden and Andy D’Agorne, We welcome your acknowledgement,Continue reading “Letter to the Council”

Cycling Numbers Decline

Since 2014 cycling rates in ‘cycling city’ have been declining. A recent council report showed that since 2014 12,000 less people are cycling in the city. The report also shows that during lockdown cycling levels plummeted by 84%, a drop made all the more dramatic when compared to figures in the rest of the UK which saw an increase 46%.

Clean Air Day Protest: Open Letter

This article was updated on the 2nd August 2021 to include a response recieved from the council. Jump to the response. The following letter is being sent to York City Council: We are writing to ask you why there has been so little progress on the Emergency Active Travel Fund Schemes in York? It isContinue reading “Clean Air Day Protest: Open Letter”

Why the Dutch cycle…

As we all know, the Dutch are big on cycling… it is estimated that 50% of trips in Amsterdam are by cycle and there is no such thing as a ‘cyclist’ in the Netherlands, after all when nearly everyone cycles there’s no need to identify yourself in this way. The inspirational film ‘Why We Cycle’, which was recently screened as a joint event between YoCo, Cycle Heaven, and YCC aims to explain why this is the case.