World Bicycle Day 2018

This article was updated on the 8th June 2018 to include a response from Cllr. Peter Dew, jump to that section. Earlier this year the United Nations declared the 3rd of June would be recognised as ‘World Bicycle Day’ in recognition of the bicycle’s, and all other types of cycle, position as ‘a simple, affordable, reliable,Continue reading “World Bicycle Day 2018”

Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

Published in April 2017, the Government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy set out the aim make walking and cycling ‘the natural choice for shorter journeys or as part of a longer journey’. Following this, the Department for Transport have launched a call for evidence to review the actual and perceived issues received by cyclists andContinue reading “Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy”

Flooding Twitter with updates on #YorkCyclingFloods

Flooding in York is something of an inevitability.  And we’re nothing if not resourceful folks.  So perhaps it’s no surprise that the ever-creative Bike Belles came up with a way for cyclists in York to keep up to speed with the latest watery developments. It all started when a local cyclist asked iTravel York whereContinue reading “Flooding Twitter with updates on #YorkCyclingFloods”

Cycle parking, infrastructure, and sausage rolls: Report from the second Walk Cycle Forum

Last week was the second installation of York’s new Walk Cycle Forum.  This time it was the turn of committee member Robyn to represent the campaign.  Here is her write-up of the event. This Walk Cycle Forum was a busy affair, with an awful lot to get through in a short amount of time. AfterContinue reading “Cycle parking, infrastructure, and sausage rolls: Report from the second Walk Cycle Forum”