Do you know a part of York where the infrastructure just isn’t quite right? Is there a junction that you have an idea for how it could be improved? Do you regularly come across a barriers that make your journey difficult, or impossible?

If so we want to know about it.


That’s why we’ve started using Cyclescape , an online mapping tool, to allow you to highlight your trouble spots so that on a regular basis we can meet with the local authority with your concerns and discuss ways in which they can be resolved.

Cyclescape is a national mapping tool that lets cyclists log issues for the attention of their local campaign groups, and was developed by the same people who developed CycleStreets the online cycle journey planner.

Create an account

To start logging issues you must first create an account, fortunately the good people of Cyclescape have created a step-by-step guide to help you with this. Once you’ve created your account you can join the York Cycle Campaign group by either visiting us at or searching for the group in the search bar and clicking ‘Join this Group’. We have to approve your request, but normally this gets done in 24 hours.

Once a member we’ll be able to see your issues, but you’ll also be able to see and and comments to issues other members have added if you agree or have more to add.

Log an Issue

We’re interested in anything that you come across in the York area that impacts on cycling around the city, this could be many things such as:

  • A sudden end to a cycle lane,
  • A badly placed barrier,
  • A one way street that could have an ‘Except Cyclists’ exemption,

To log your issue, click Issues on the top green menu bar.

Make sure it says ‘York Cycle Campaign’ on the right hand side of the menu bar, not ‘No Group’ or the name of another group, that way we get notified of your issue.

You’ll see a list of other issues in the area, which you can view as a list or a map, it’s worth checking if your issue is already reported by someone else first. If not click the big green ‘Create an Issue’ button in the top right.

First give your issue a nice clear title, something that means others can easily tell what the issue is at a glance.

You can choose to upload a photo, this really helps explain the issue especially if it’s in a less central part of the city not everyone will be familiar with. A screenshot from Google Streetview is fine if you don’t have a proper photo.


Mark where the issue is on a map. You can choose between marking an area, a route or a single point depending on the type of issue your reporting.

Next give your issue some tags, this allows us to group issues together in themes. Try not to be too specific but tag by the general category you think it would fall under, the form makes some suggestions as you start typing.

Now give a detailed description of what the issue is. Explain what’s causing the issue, and the problems it creates for cycling in the city. You can also suggest an improvement or a solution if you can think of one. The information you write is publically visible, so don’t include any sensitive information that you don’t want entering the public realm like names, addresses, contact details etc.


You then have the option to submit links to websites that are relevant to the issue. This could be details on a companies website that you feel have some responsibility, a product such as parking rack you think would work better, or an example of the same thing being done differently elsewhere. If you don’t have a link, skip this section, it optional.

Now just click ‘Send Report’ and then ‘Create Thread’ on the next page, and your issue will be submitted. We’ll review all the reports we receive on a regular basis and use this to help inform our campaigning work, we also hope to meet with the relevant people in the Council on a regular basis to discuss with them the sort of issues being faced by cyclists and what can be done to solve them.