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Book Review: Bike Nation

Authour: Peter WalkerPublisher: PenguinPublished: 2017ISBN: 9781911214946Available as paperback and e-book I can highly recommend this book: it makes the case for cycling (environmental, health improvement, social justice) in a clear, accessible and non-preachy way. It’s an easy and quick read with useful facts and great quotes. The book is particularly good on cycling and cultureContinue reading “Book Review: Bike Nation”

June 2021 Newsletter

Summer’s here and there’s plenty of cycling and campaigning activity to get stuck into. A mass ride, consultations and workshops galore, flood defence diversions to get pedalling round … and why looking like (or at) the back of a bus is no bad thing. Join our mass cycle protest for action on cleaner air! YorkContinue reading “June 2021 Newsletter”

Together We Cycle

Why the Dutch cycle…

As we all know, the Dutch are big on cycling… it is estimated that 50% of trips in Amsterdam are by cycle and there is no such thing as a ‘cyclist’ in the Netherlands, after all when nearly everyone cycles there’s no need to identify yourself in this way. The inspirational film ‘Why We Cycle’, which was recently screened as a joint event between YoCo, Cycle Heaven, and YCC aims to explain why this is the case. 


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