Get Involved

We want to make it as easy as possible for all our members to get involved in the Campaign as they like.

We’ve split the Campaign into different activities which you can choose to get involved in, just select from below those that interest you. There’s no obligation in showing interest, you’re just signing up to go on a mailing list for emails when opportunities to get involved come up. You can also change your preferences at any time.

Policy & Infrastructure

A proposal for improvements to Coppergate proposed by the Policy & Infrastructure Group

The Policy & Infrastructure group are the engine, or should that be legs, of the Campaign. The group works both reactively in responding to applications and consultations for infrastructure around the city, and proactively coming up with ideas of how infrastructure around the city could be improved. You don’t need to be a cycle design expert, although if you are we’d love to have you, as we’re developing ways to simplify and streamline the way the Campaign responds to applications so technical expertise isn’t needed.

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Our #SafePassYork campaign with Pryers solicitors placed advertising on the back of P&R buses

If you’d like to get your teeth into a specific project, then occasionally the we run specific Campaigns focusing on a particular issue or opportunity, or to organise an event. Examples of past campaigns include our #SafePassYork messages on the back for P&R buses, the COVID-19 petition for emergency active travel measures, and our Clean Air Day ride that saw over 80 riders take to the streets of York.

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Have you got a nose for an irresistible scoop? Can you explain why cycling matters in just a few words? Have you got an eye for a good photo? Can you edit film footage to build a compelling story? Are you happy to natter about cycling on radio or TV?
Then we’ve got space for you on the cycle campaign press team!
We want to raise the profile of cycling in York and make our voices heard via all forms of media, from the local papers to Look North and beyond. We need a team of people, willing to write press releases, provide quotes and interviews for journalists and take photos and film. It’s fast and fun, and has a huge impact. Come and help make cycling the talk of York.

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YCC needs 1000 members! The recruitment group was set up to achieve this purpose. More members will bring more resources, but more importantly give us a higher profile in the city and much more influence in our campaigning activities – especially in our dealings with the council.
After the disruptions of the pandemic, we are very keen to get back to the kind of face to face recruitment activity that works best. For 2022 we will for the first time, aim to run regular stalls in high profile locations throughout the city. If you like smiling, talking and otherwise evangelising to people, join our recruitment group and help build a crack team of chuggers equipped with e-cargo bike, gazebo, banners, flags and flyers.

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The Campaign does so much good work and we want to share it with everyone; members and the public. If you can help us develop content for the website, newsletters, or social media we’d love to hear from you.
Whether you can help with writing up articles, editing videos, developing social media campaigns, or just gathering Insta worthy pics we’d love you to help give the campaign a louder and more diverse voice.

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One of the best ways of getting the Campaign’s message across is to stand up and deliver it straight to those that can make a difference. If you’re a confident public speaker then we’d love to have your help with this, you won’t need to be an expert on what you’re speaking on as we send speakers with a prepared statement that’s been drafted by others.

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Ward Representative

Ward representatives on a site visit with local councillors

We’re looking for members who might be willing to be cycle campaign representatives for city council wards across York. We’d like to try and have representatives covering every ward in the city, helping us keep an eye on planning applications within their ward and maintaining a link with ward councillors. Could this be you?

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