Welcome to the York Cycle Campaign

We aim to represent everyone who cycles in York.

Our goal is to ensure that the facilities for cycling here make it safe, convenient, and accessible for absolutely everyone.


20th July 2018

Our Cyclist of the Month is Beverley Hadfield

Beverley believes that budget shouldn’t hold you back from hopping on a bicycle. She’s no snob, and has owned many cheap bikes throughout her life. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy life on two wheels!

One upside of cheap bikes is that it’s not such a problem when faced with the inevitable bike theft… even if they’ve only stolen a part of it. Once, when Beverley discovered that her bike saddle had been stolen, she managed to cycle all the way home standing up – and onwards to the cycle shop the next morning to buy a replacement!

Beverley would like to see more cycle lanes and fewer HGVs in the centre of York. Under these circumstances, she’d encourage her kids to cycle more as well.