Welcome to the York Cycle Campaign

We aim to represent everyone who cycles in York.

Our goal is to ensure that the facilities for cycling here make it safe, convenient, and accessible for absolutely everyone.

COTW 12-03-18

11th March 2018

Our Cyclist of the Week is Malcolm McDonald

A large part of Malcolm’s job involves driving, which he doesn’t enjoy. As a result, as much as possible, he prefers to get around in his free time by bike. Not only does he prefer the experience of cycling, but as a keen runner, it also helps him with his training. Lugging a dog, daughter, and several panniers around York on his Dutch bike may even have contributed to him winning last year’s ultramarathon along Scotland’s West Highland Way!

If the local transport strategy had a stronger focus on socially and environmentally-friendly transport options, Malcolm believes that it would encourage people out of their cars and on to cycles. He admires the upcoming work on Scarborough Bridge, and hopes that attention will now be turned to linking Piccadilly with the riverside path, whilst avoiding the Fishergate Gyratory.

Malcolm is also responsible for giving us York Cycle Campaign’s first Canine Cyclist of the Week!