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We’ve collated together tools, policies and guides that can be useful for other campaigns and individual campaigners

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YCC Publications

Inclusive & Disability Cycling in York
Our report into the state of accessible cycling in York

Münster’s path to becoming a cycle-friendly city
A report by York Münster Twinning Association into how Münster became a cycling city

Government Policy & Guidance

Cycle Infrastructure Design
Department of Transport
LTN 1/20 which provides the government’s latest guidance on providing safe cycle infrastructure.

The Highway Code
Department of Transport
Official online version of the Highway Code.

York’s Highway Design Guide
City of York Council
The council’s highway design guide.

Cyclists at Roadworks
Department of Transport
Traffic advisory leaflet 15/99 produced back in 1999 which gives advice on allowing for cyclists during roadworks.

Traffic Signs Manual
Department for Transport
Collection of documents detailing the use of road signs and markings.

The Highway Code
Department for Transport
Official online version of the Highway Code


Road Traffic Statistics
Department of Transport
Interactive map showing traffic count data across the country, including pedal cycles

Air Quality Monitoring Data
Air Quality England
Interactive map showing live air quality data from monitoring stations around the city, with the ability to download historical data raw or as graphs.

Bikedata Collision Map
Interactive map showing traffic collisions involving cyclists recorded with the police between 2005-19.

Constituency Road Safety Data
Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
Interactive map showing traffic collisions recorded with the police between 2015-19, with some further analysis.


LTN 1/20 Assessment Tool
York Cycle Campaign
The Campaign has produced a spreadsheet to make undertaking CLOS and JAT assessments as recommended by LTN 1/20 easier for campaigners.


Online map showing various layers of cycling information, including parking, collisions, traffic counts, and cycle thefts

iTravel York Maps
iTravel York/CoYC
Digital version of the paper maps produced by the council showing official cycle routes/paths.

Safe Streets York Results
York Cycle Campaign
All the results from our 2020 Safe Streets York survey in which we asked people to log issues with cycling and walking around the city.

Historical Maps
National Library of Scotland
Numerous historical maps overlaid of current satellite imagery for understanding history of routes.

Adopted Roads
City of York Council
Roads ‘adopted’ by the council, meaning the council has responsibility for maintaining the road. Roads that aren’t shown as ‘adopted’ are the responsibility of private land owners to maintain.

Pubic Rights of Way
City of York Council
Public rights of way around York, please be aware that this doesn’t necessarily indicate cycling is permitted.

Mapping tool that allows you to cut areas of the globe and impose them elsewhere at scale, useful for comparing the size of features.