Corporate Supporters

If you organisation understands the benefits that cycling can bring to the city, you employees, and customers then why not join us as a corporate supporter?

Why become a corporate supporter?

By joining the Campaign as a corporate supporter, you are demonstrating that your business/organisation is serious about making cycling in York safe, convenient and accessible for all and that your business/organisation is committed:

  • to sustainable travel: helping to reduce York’s carbon footprint and improve the city’s environment
  • to active transport: improving the health, well-being and social mobility of York’s workers and residents.

Current Corporate Supporters

Who can become a corporate supporter and how much does it cost?

We welcome support from any business/organisation that agrees with YCC’s purpose, goal and role.

One-person businessSingle employeeMinimum donation £25/year or £2.50/month
Local cycling business<25 mile radius of York
<50 employees*
Minimum donation £50/year or £5/month
Not-for-profit organisationMinimum donation £50/year or £5/month
Micro business<10 employees*Minimum donation £50/year or £5/month
Small business<50 employees*Minimum donation £75/year or £7.50/month
Medium businesses<250 employees*Minimum donation £150/year or £15/month
Large business>250 employees*Minimum donation £250/year or £25/month
* full time equivalent employees

What you can expect of us as a corporate supporter?

The Campaign is very grateful to any business/organisation that becomes a corporate supporter. If you become a corporate supporter, we will: 

  • keep you informed of our work and welcome you and your employees to our events, 
  • include your business/organisation’s logo on our webpage and key publications,
  • include your business/organisation in relevant publicity (e.g. if you collaborate with us on a project), 
  • work with you to support and enable cycling for your employees/customers/other stakeholders, 
  • invite you to collaborate with us on projects relevant to your business/organisation,
  • listen to your views.

What we ask of our corporate supporters? 

If you become a corporate supporter we hope that you will :

  • tell your employees/customers/other stakeholders about YCC’s work and encourage them to join YCC as individual members- the more members YCC has the louder our voice,
  • if possible add your business/organisation’s voice to YCC’s when we lobby the Council,
  • consider if you could help YCC e.g. by:
    • sharing your expertise (e.g. graphic design, legal advice, copy-writing) on a pro bono basis,
    • offering a discount to Campaign members (this does not have to be cycle-related!),
    • sponsoring a YCC event or publication,
    • donating in kind e.g. raffle prizes, refreshments for events etc.

Are all businesses/organisations welcome?

The Campaign reserves the right to refuse corporate supporter status if the Committee believes that a business/organisation does not support the Campaign’s purpose, goal or role and/or might bring the Campaign into disrepute.

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