We’re currently reviewing our membership options to make joining us much easier for 2020. 

Whilst we rebuild our membership page and develop our membership options we’ve paused new memberships until our after our 2019 AGM on the 29th November.

If you’d like us to let you know when we’re ready and accepting new members, simply fill out the form below.

If you fill out this form we’ll only contact you once to let you know that we’ve finished rebuilding the membership form and are accepting new members again. After that we’ll remove your details.


Membership is in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Please see below for information on how your personal data will be used and respected in terms of GDPR.

Why join us?

Great events

Members get 50% off entry fees to paid events organised by York Cycle Campaign and first notice of all our events. Last year we hosted talks from Carlton Reid, Dr Rachel Aldred, and held rides with Wheels for Wellbeing and My Future York, and even hosted a film night.

The latest news

Opt in for our email newsletters; get monthly updates on our activities as well invitations to take part in member actions to improve cycling in York.

A place to chat

Members get entry into our active private Facebook group. This is a great place to discuss cycling in York and share stories, concerns, and tips with like-minded members.

A say on what we do

Members get a vote at Campaign AGM/EGMs to have your say on the Campaign’s activities. Unfortunately we can’t offer this to members who are CoYC councillors; or policy makers of the CoYC transport team – why?

Cycling UK Membership

As a member of York Cycle Campaign you’ll be able to join Cycling UK, a national cycle campaign charity,as an affiliate member, for just £25 a year. Cycling UK membership comes with many of its own benefits, including 3rd party cycle insurance and free legal advice for cycling matters.

Take part

We’re completely run by our volunteer members, if you want to take a more active role in the Campaign you’re welcome to join one of our Working Groups;

Make a difference

And, of course, helping to make York a better place for cycling for everyone.

Conditions of Membership

All members must be 16 years of age or older at time of joining.

In order to administer your membership it is necessary for hold information on yourself, for more information on this please refer to the privacy section below.

Membership of the Campaign is in accordance with our Constitution, including, but not limited to, Section 4 which is highlighted below for your benefit:

4. Membership & Voting
a. Membership shall be open to all who support the aim and objectives of the Campaign and who have paid their annual subscription for the current year;
b. The Campaign shall be non-party-political and non-sectarian. Members shall treat each other with respect at all times.
c. Members shall be entitled to hold office and to vote at General Meetings (as further defined in clauses 4.d and 4.e below).
d. Classes of membership:
i. Individual – shall entitle an individual to attend meetings and to vote at General Meetings, with the exception of those defined in clause 4.e.
ii. Corporate (Organisation or group) – shall entitle organisations or groups to send representatives to attend meetings. Only one representative from each organisation may vote at Meetings (see also clause 4.e & 4.i).
e. Members of the following organisations may join the Campaign and may attend General meetings and be on Committee, but they may not vote: City of York Councillors; or policy makers of the CYC transport team.
f. The Committee shall have the right:
i. to approve or reject applications for membership;
ii. for good and sufficient reason to terminate the membership of any member or organization/representative provided that the member concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Committee before a final decision is made. Where that member is a Committee member this is subject to clause 9d.
g. to recommend Subscription rates for membership of the Campaign (These shall be set at and by the Annual or other member’s meeting).
h. Subscriptions shall become due on the First day of January each year and shall be paid to the Treasurer & Membership Records Secretary, who shall keep a register of current members. Subscriptions paid in the final three months of the year will be honoured for the following year.
i. Members or representatives who have a particular financial interest in an item for discussion or decision must declare such interest before discussion on the item starts and not speak further or vote on it.

Why can’t CoYC Councillors or policy makers in the CoYC transport team vote?

Part 4.e of the constitution prevents ‘City of York Councillors; or policy makers of the CoYC transport team’ from voting. This was proposed and agreed upon by our members at the relaunch as it was seen important to maintain independence of the Campaign. If you fall into this category, you are still very much welcome to join YCC and all our meetings and events.

Making Payments Online

Your payment details are dealt with by PayPal and York Cycle Campaign does not receive details of your bank account/payment card. The Campaign will receive only your name and email address, which we will use to cross check against the sign-up form. If our records do not match we may attempt to contact you via the email supplied to us by PayPal.

Your Personal Information and Your Privacy

Below is a summary of the key parts of our privacy policy relating to membership, you can read our full policy and how we respect you rights under the GDPR on our Privacy Policy page.

How is my personal data protected?

Personal data held by York Cycle Campaign is protected by law under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Why does the Campaign hold and process personal data?

York Cycle Campaign holds and processes personal data of its current members on the basis of allowing it to provide the requested membership service. The personal data held will be used to: maintain a register of current membership; contact the members to inform them of General Meetings; keep members updated with changes to the membership service; give notices of renewal or termination of membership.

Does the Campaign pass my personal data on to anyone else (third parties)?

York Cycle Campaign uses the file hosting service Google Drive to host its records of personal data.  The Campaign also uses the email service Google Gmail for direct email communications. You can read Google’s privacy statement here.

In addition York Cycle Campaign also uses email marketing service MailChimp to administer and send its mass email communications such as activity updates, but also communications relating to membership services. You can read MailChimp’s privacy statement here.

To allow it to take online payments for membership subscription, the Campaign uses PayPal. In using this service the Campaign does not process any of your bank account details, which are handled by PayPal. You can read PayPal’s privacy statement here.

How long will the Campaign hold onto my personal data?

York Cycle Campaign will hold and process the personal data of its current members during the their membership period. It will erase this personal data if the member cancels their membership, or if the member fails to renew the membership one calendar month after the membership renewal is due.

Who to contact about my personal data?

If you would like to know what personal data York Cycle Campaign holds about you, to remove consents, correct or erase the personal data we hold, or otherwise exercise your rights under GDPR, please contact