Join Us

Together our voice is louder; together we can make our city and surrounding villages cycling friendly.

We are a voice for inclusive, safe and convenient cycling in and around York.

Why join?

As the voice of cyclists in York we want to have as large a campaign community as possible so that we can include your input and be the biggest force possible.

More people means a louder representative voice.

Who should join?

Anyone and everyone who wants to see safer streets for cycling.

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist, a “lockdown newbie” or too scared to brave the roads.

Parents, teachers and kids who want the freedom to travel to school healthily and in safety.

Commuters, shoppers, cafe cruisers, tourers, cargo-haulers, road runners – however you ride.

York Cycle is here for you.

What does York Cycle do?

We campaign to make cycling in York safe, convenient, and accessible for absolutely everyone. We long to see York as a happy place for all ages to go about life on a cycle. We do this by:

– Representing the cycling community at council and other meetings.

– Advising and responding to planning consultations.

– Lobbying the council for cycling improvements.

– Raising the profile of cycling in and around York

What do I add? 


Every single member helps add volume to our voice.


You help identify the true issues that people who cycle in and around York face.


The skills, experience and knowledge that a larger membership brings are invaluable. From traffic counters, to photographers and storytellers, policy writers and planning experts, pot-hole police and social media lovers – whoever you are, you help add to the campaign efforts.

Membership Options



Our standard membership package



5 individual memberships for the price 2



Our individual membership at a reduced price for those who need it.

Membership perks:

Contribute to improved conditions for cycling across York

Feel the warm glow from knowing that you are playing a part in making cycling better for everyone in and around York.

Keep informed and network with like-minded individuals

Receive regular newsletters updating you on campaign activities and cycling-related issues and gain access to the active member-only Facebook group.

Get involved and make your voice heard

Have your say on the campaign activities and priorities (see note regarding CoYC councillors and policy makers) by voting at the AGM and have the opportunity to share your skills and experience as a volunteer.

Get cheap third party liability insurance

Affiliate Cycling UK membership is just £28 and provides £10 million 3rd party liability insurance.