A Grand Offer for Guests

Have you visited the Council offices on Station Rise? Chance are you’ll have seen the imposing facade of the Grand and the person in the bowler hat greeting visitors. Or perhaps you have enjoyed an afternoon tea in the Rise restaurant, celebrated a special occasion at the Legacy or taken a cookery course at thisContinue reading “A Grand Offer for Guests”

Member Profile: Dorinda

Dorinda joined the campaign just prior to the start of Covid lockdowns. ‘Being on rolling furlough for months on end, it became very important to do something worthwhile with my time to avoid going stir crazy. The more I learnt about the urban environment and history of cycling in York, the more I felt couldContinue reading “Member Profile: Dorinda”

York City of Sanctuary Cycle Donations

A volunteer lead bicycle repair workshop has been created at the University of York, its purpose is to take donated bicycles, refurbish them and distribute to refugees in and around York. The workshop is run by volunteers, and administered by United bikes York and York City of Sanctuary. If you would like to volunteer and have theContinue reading “York City of Sanctuary Cycle Donations”