Clean Air Day Protest Ride

Make Space for Cycling protest outside minster to make

Wednesday 16th June 2021 5:30pm

On the eve of Clean Air Day, York Cycle Campaign is organising a mass cycle through the city to ask the council where our promised cycle lanes are. We’ve been waiting for over a year for segregated cycle lanes along Bootham – see our letter to the council. If they were there more people would be able to cycle and Bootham’s air quality would improve. We’ll be meeting at 5:30pm on Clifton Green and pedalling slowly together in a large group down Bootham, doing a little loop around the city centre and then out over Lendal Bridge and heading down Bishopthorpe Road, finishing at the Millennium Bridge. The route will be accessible and everyone is welcome – please join us!

The planned route for Wednesday’s ride

Signing up to the event means we can email you share full details of the proposed route closer to the date, along with any extra information or updates that might be needed. It also allows us to collect contact details should they be needed for Track and Trace.

We ask that if attending you observe all social distancing rules and wear a mask unless you have an exemption. Please don’t attend if you get any COVID symptoms or have had a positive COVID test result in the 10 days before the ride.

2 thoughts on “Clean Air Day Protest Ride

  1. I note on the photo there are around 20 to 25 cyclists all middle aged or older why is it your having mid life crises and trying to disrupt the already congested roads in York ? Selfish comes to mind . Andy D Agorne is a car hater and is pushing for road closures one way leeman road etc etc your quite lucky in York as a cyclist but York dosnt revolve around you .your a minority sport who are acting like spoilt brats . Very old ones at that . Try a sharing Aproach to the roads not taking them over .


  2. Selfish idiots
    Just cause a big jam for everyone else just to get your own way as usual.
    Standard behaviour for self entitled cyclists i guess


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