About York Cycle Campaign

York Cycle Campaign is a volunteer-run community group campaigning to make cycling in York safe, convenient, and accessible for absolutely everyone

YCC was originally formed in the 1980s but in recent years had became somewhat dormant.  In 2017, aware that cycling facilities in York had an awful lot to be desired, a group of enthusiastic people resurrected the campaign into what you see today.  With its relatively flat geography, small city centre, and unique layout, we believe that York should be one of Britain’s premiere cycling cities.  However, its lack of connected, reliable infrastructure prevents it from reaching its full potential.

As York residents and keen cyclists from all walks of life, we are passionate about fixing the practical issues which stop people hopping on their bikes without concern.  Our goal is for more locals and visitors to choose cycling as the most obvious and sensible way of traversing the city… not to mention easy, low-risk, stress-free, and enjoyable!

Our members are diverse in where they live and why they cycle, but we can never be too representative.  So if you think that your needs aren’t being covered, please join the campaign.

Ultimately, York Cycle Campaign want cycling in York to be safe, convenient, and accessible to all.