Cycling Could Triple in Car-Free York

The following press release was originally written for YorkMix and appeared on the 7th of January 2020 The idea of restricting cars and dramatically improving public transport in York by 2023 has caused a stir in recent days. So how can York achieve this bold vision and how might it feel? Many other cities,Continue reading “Cycling Could Triple in Car-Free York”

Why York Cycle Campaign is neutral on 20 mph limits

20 mph limits are a much debated topic in cycling circles. Here, York Cycle Campaign Committee member and science journalist Dr Kate Ravilious explains why the York Cycle Campaign has decided to remain neutral on the issue Intuitively it seems to make sense. Introduce 20mph speed limits on our roads; vehicles slow down; pedestrians andContinue reading “Why York Cycle Campaign is neutral on 20 mph limits”