Where does the Campaign get its money from?

Most of our money comes from our membership fees. We have also raised money from paid events and donations.

What do we spend the Campaign’s money on?

We only spend money in pursuit of the Campaign’s aims. In practical terms, that means we spend money on:

  • The cost of campaigning e.g.
    • printing (flyers, cards etc.) and postage
    • hosting the YCC website 
    • The membership admin system
  • Affiliation to Cycling UK (insurance cover for events)
  • Event costs e.g.:
    • speaker travel (we ask speakers to use bikes where possible, and second class rail where not!)
    • venue hire.

What don’t we spend the Campaign’s money on?

All committee members and other helpers are, as you’d expect, unpaid volunteers. Committee members and other volunteers can claim reasonable expenses.

How do I know the Campaign’s money is spent wisely?

We keep accounts which are checked independently once a year and shared at the AGM. If you are a member you are welcome to view the accounts on request.

Has the Campaign received any donations or sponsorship other than from individuals?

The Campaign welcomes donations – financial and in kind – in sympathy with the Campaign’s aims and objectives. 

Donations are recorded in the annual accounts.