Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with York Cycle Campaign. You can also follow our activities on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog.


Membership for an individual costs £5.00, £2.50 for concessions, or £10 for family membership. Corporate membership is also available. To find out more about our membership options, please visit our Join Us page.


If you like what we do and want to enable us to do more of it or to think bigger, please consider making a donation. Please contact us for more details.

Stay In The Loop

You can sign up to be on our Campaign Updates email list to be kept up to date with everything the Campaign is doing. Simply follow this link.

Working Groups

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, then you can also become part of our Working Groups.  Each group focuses on a different element of YCC’s activities.  Take a look below and see if we’re crying out for your skills!

If you’d like to join one or more of the Working Groups, please get in touch and let us know which you’re keen to join, and why.


The Strategy Working Group will map out the path towards the achievement of our long-term goal – which is to make cycling the largest mode of transport in York by 2032 (15 years after the campaign was rebooted). It involves assessing where the group can be most effective, setting shorter term targets along the way, and creating a plan of action to achieve these targets and our overarching goal.


The “Better Infrastructure Group” (or BIG!) aims to improve our understanding of cycling levels and funding in York. It sets out our vision for cycling infrastructure in the city, and submits responses to planning applications and City of York Council planning policy initiatives. You can register your interest in joining the group by emailing


The purpose of the Engagement group is to widen our membership, engage current members, and keep them connected to our campaigns. The group hopes to widen awareness of cycling issues in York and build positive press coverage of the Campaign and York’s cyclists. We will also look at additional fundraising streams for the Campaign, beyond the membership subscriptions.

When we have time, this group also organises fun events. These allow members to get to know each other better, as well as building positive relationships with other groups, both in York and beyond.