Guest Blogs

A collection of blog posts written for us by others

A Tour of York

Campaign member Rob Ainsley has a tourity day, taking a tour of the city by bike.

A Stylish Start To A Break In York

A new hotel, No.1 by GuestHouse, has opened on Bootham and uses Christiania cycle to meet guests arriving at the rail station and carry their luggage. It’s proving popular.

Caught On Camera; Is It Worth It?

Committee member Nathan runs uses a handlebar camera and regularly submits videos of bad driving to the police. But is it worth the effort?

City Centre Parking

Campaign member Martin met with with Greg Morgan, the Active Travel Transport Planner for City of York Council along with representatives of Make it York and the council to discuss changes to cycle parking in Parliament Street and it’s surroundings. He’s provided the following update from his meeting.

FOI Friday

Campaign member Jamie has been digging a little deeper about why things are the way they are in York recently, taking it upon himself to start a FOI Friday campaign of his own. In this guest blog he explains more.

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