Membership Clubhouse Help

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Check the status of your membership
Adding household members
Adding A Voluntary Donation

Check the status of your membership

To check the status of your membership, go to the membership clubhouse found under the Members tab at the top of this page or enter into your browser.

Sign in using your email address and password, then open My Subscriptions found under the Subscriptions tab at the top of the page.

This page will list all the membership subscriptions you have showing their status, and indicating if you need to take any action.


If your membership is showing as Active then you’re a fully paid up member of the campaign. The date in bold is the expiry date of your membership, but don’t worry as we will send you a renewal offer 10 days before it expires to remind you.

Active – Renewal Offered

If your membership is showing Active and shows Renewal offered, then your membership is still current but will be expiring in the next 10 days. At the top of the page under Future Subscriptions you should see an offer for renewal which we will have sent you.

Inactive – Offered to applicant

If your membership is showing as Inactive with Offered to applicant then we’ve offered you a renewal. To take up the offer click Accept Offer, once you’ve done this pay for the membership by going to the basket in the top right of the page and working through the checkout.

Inactive – Awaiting first payment

If your membership is showing as Inactive with Awaiting first payment then you’ve previously either registered for a membership or accepted a renewal but not paid for it. To activate your membership click Pay Now and make a payment through checkout.

If you’ve made a payment recently other than by PayPal there will be a delay whilst it’s processed. If your account is still inactive a week after you sent payment let us know at including the name you’ve registered under, the reference number shown on the subscription and the method your paid by including any references you gave the payment.

Adding Household Members

Open My Subscriptions found under the Subscriptions tab at the top of the page, then click on the View/Manage button in the bottom right of your household subscription. It doesn’t matter if your payment hasn’t been processed yet.

You’ll see a list of the slots in your household, and if they’re already occupied. The person who took out membership should be listed in slot one.

To add new members click Assign. If they’re not already registered, and you have their permission, you can use Register New User to enter their details yourself. Otherwise use New User (by email) to send them an invite to sign up and accept your invitation themselves.

Adding A Voluntary Donation

If you feel you would like to make an additional donation on top of your membership fee you are welcome to. Within the Clubhouse this is referred to as an ‘Add-On’, and can be made at any point during your membership cycle-whether taking out a new subscription, renewing, or mid-way through an application.

Go to My Subscriptions section of the clubhouse. At the bottom of your subscription you’ll find a ‘Add Add-on’ button.

An active subscription with the ‘Add Add-on’ button in the bottom left corner

Click this and you’ll be be able to add ‘Optional additional donation’ as a product, then you’ll be able to set how the size of donation you’d like to make.

Once you’ve done this, the donation will be in your basket (top right of the page) waiting to be paid for as you like.