Book Review: Bike Rides In and Around York

Authour: David MitchellPublisher: Independently publishedPublished: 2021ISBN: ‎ 979-8522748043Available as paperback from the author’s website Hedgehog Cycling. Campaign member Radu Chirvasuta kindly supplied us with this review of a new book featuring, as it’s title suggests, bike rides in and around York. I’m passionate about cycling, maps, and exploring York and the countryside around it so fromContinue reading “Book Review: Bike Rides In and Around York”

Book Review: Bike Nation

Authour: Peter WalkerPublisher: PenguinPublished: 2017ISBN: 9781911214946Available as paperback and e-book I can highly recommend this book: it makes the case for cycling (environmental, health improvement, social justice) in a clear, accessible and non-preachy way. It’s an easy and quick read with useful facts and great quotes. The book is particularly good on cycling and cultureContinue reading “Book Review: Bike Nation”