Statement: Cycling Numbers Decline

Since 2014 cycling rates in ‘cycling city’ have been declining. A recent council report showed that since 2014 12,000 less people are cycling in the city. The report also shows that during lockdown cycling levels plummeted by 84%, a drop made all the more dramatic when compared to figures in the rest of the UK which saw an increase 46%.

Safe Streets York Recap

During the summer we ran our Safe Streets York campaign with thanks to Commonplace who opened up their community engagement platform in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Between May and September 764 respondents from around York and it’s surrounding areas contributed to the map to give us a snapshot of the issues around the cityContinue reading “Safe Streets York Recap”

Emergency Travel Fund Letter

On Monday the 3nd of August members of the Campaign came together to protest against the apparent lack of suitability in the Council’s proposals for tranche 2 of the Government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF). The EATF is a pot of money that has been allocated from central government to aid local authorities in implementingContinue reading “Emergency Travel Fund Letter”

May 2020 Newsletter

As lockdown and social distancing continue, read about our ongoing lobbying of the Council to make the city safer for cyclists and pedestrians. On a lighter note, discover how our online quiz night unfolded and read our regular features Wheel Spiels and Organised Cycling. Plus, an animal-themed cycle trail around York for you to follow.Continue reading “May 2020 Newsletter”