Letter to the Council

At the Council’s August executive meeting we made a statement on the decline in ccling number in York during a period in which cycling numbers nationally have increased. Below is a copy of the letter we sent addressing the issue following our statement. Dear Neil Ferris, Keith Aspden and Andy D’Agorne, We welcome your acknowledgement,Continue reading “Letter to the Council”

Cycling Numbers Decline

Since 2014 cycling rates in ‘cycling city’ have been declining. A recent council report showed that since 2014 12,000 less people are cycling in the city. The report also shows that during lockdown cycling levels plummeted by 84%, a drop made all the more dramatic when compared to figures in the rest of the UK which saw an increase 46%.

Inclusive & Disability Cycling In York

Our new report identifies more than 30 instances of York cycle infrastructure which do not comply with the Equality Act 2010. It comes with the warning that if City of York Council does not step into gear and rectify the problems, they will be forced to take legal action, which could end up with theContinue reading “Inclusive & Disability Cycling In York”