Why the Dutch cycle…

As we all know, the Dutch are big on cycling… it is estimated that 50% of trips in Amsterdam are by cycle and there is no such thing as a ‘cyclist’ in the Netherlands, after all when nearly everyone cycles there’s no need to identify yourself in this way. The inspirational film ‘Why We Cycle’, which was recently screened as a joint event between YoCo, Cycle Heaven, and YCC aims to explain why this is the case. 

Corporate Supporter: Cycle Heaven

“Cycle Heaven was founded on Bishopthorpe Road York in 1993 with the intention of converting the world to cycling. That mission remains as relevant today as ever.” “Cycle Heaven’s primary mission is to convert the world to cycling. We therefore have much in common with York Cycle Campaign.” Visit: cycle-heaven.co.uk Follow:@CycleHeaven on TwitterCycle Heaven onContinue reading “Corporate Supporter: Cycle Heaven”