Hospital Fields Road Consultation

The Campaign questions whether the proposals being put forward for Hospital Fields Road present best value for money for improving facilities for cycling within the city and increasing the modal share. We understand from the November executive meeting that £800,000 has been put towards the scheme, and is influenced by the route appearing in theContinue reading “Hospital Fields Road Consultation”

A Development to Support

It’s not often that the campaign receives a planning application we feel that we can wholeheartedly endorse. Well it’s hats off to City of York Council Housing Delivery Team and architects Mikhail Riches for coming up with an innovative and exciting project on Ordnance Lane / Hospital Fields Road. We are excited about many facets ofContinue reading “A Development to Support”

Traffic Count: Hospital Fields Road

As regular users are no doubt aware, traffic exiting Hospital Fields Road or Barracks Lane gets an outrageously raw deal at the traffic lights on the Fulford Road intersection. This short phase is putting both cyclists and pedestrians in great danger. On Wednesday 6th November 5 volunteers from the cycle campaign braved the cold morningContinue reading “Traffic Count: Hospital Fields Road”