Terry Avenue Under Threat

York Cycle Campaign has been made aware that a major route into the city centre could be shut for up to 18 months.

Proposals to install flood defence works submitted by the Environment Agency could see Terry Avenue closed to cyclists during works to install a new flood gate at the foot of Clementhorpe and install a new flood wall in front of Waterfront House.

YCC fully understand the need for flood protection in the city, and support their installation, but we don’t feel that enough thought has gone into mitigation measures whilst the works are carried out. Thousands of people use this route every day: travelling to and from workplaces, schools, shops,the rail station and just for pure leisure too.

Our interactive map of the proposals. Click routes and icons to find out more

The suggested diversions take people a long way out of their way and, in the case of cyclists, are impossible and dangerous. The suggested diversion will involve cyclists negotiating a busy coach & car park, joining a urban dual carriageway without cycle lanes, and negotiating Skeldergate Bridge’s sub-standard lanes.

To make matters worse the proposed plans indicate that the southern end of Terry Avenue along with Butcher Terrace is going to opened up to traffic, to allow vehicle access to Rowntree Park, the Caravan site, the new hotel and Dukes Wharf apartments. For the thousands of cyclists and pedestrians who travel along Butcher Terrace and over Millennium Bridge each day the interaction with heavy traffic presents a huge danger.

York Cycle Campaign will be submitting our concerns, but we encourage everyone to submit their own concerns individually too. A plan of the proposed diversions can be viewed on the Planning Portal here, along with the project’s traffic management plan.

The full application can be found on the council’s Planning Portal website, where you can register and submit a comment online. Alternatively you can email your comments to the planning department at planning.enquiries@york.gov.uk, quoting the application reference number and name: 19/00570/FUL | Clementhorpe and South Bank flood alleviation scheme works.

UPDATE: 18th May 2019
Since publishing this article Cllr Johnny Crawshaw for Micklegate has tweeted relating to the concerns raised about the closures that he has requested a meeting with the Environment Agency to discuss the plans along with York Cycle Campaign and other groups who have raised concerns.


2 thoughts on “Terry Avenue Under Threat

  1. Q: In what way can we all help the environment?
    A: cycle instead of getting in car. This will also reduce healthcare costs for long term conditions caused by inactivity and obesity.
    Not difficult, is it?


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