Learn the secret to cycle campaigning, and come to YCC’s AGM on 29 November!

York Cycle Campaign has achieved a lot in recent years, but how do we make it even more successful? We’re delighted and excited to be welcoming Roxanne De Beaux, Executive Director of the immensely successful and influential Cambridge Cycling Campaign to come and talk at our AGM. This will take place at 8pm on 29 November at Cycle Heaven Hospital Fields Road. Roxanne will share her experiences with us and pass on some tips.

Founded in 1995 Cambridge Cycle Campaign has 1,400 subscribed members today, and can take much of the credit for the improvements in cycle infrastructure and growth in cycling in the city over that time. Today some one third of Cambridge residents travel to work by cycle and half the local population cycles at least once per month. How can York Cycle Campaign emulate the phenomenal success of Cambridge Cycle Campaign? What can we do to grow our membership? What links do we need to make, what strategies are most effective at achieving real and lasting positive change? What can all of us do to build our campaign and help transform York into a true cycling city?

Roxanne is passionate about the benefits “everyday” cycling can bring to people and the places they live. She campaigns for the infrastructure, policies and investment that will enable people of all ages and abilities to cycle safely with direct routes separated from cars. While at Camcycle, Roxanne has led a transformation of the organisation inside and out. Strategy, finance, fundraising, governance, branding and communications have all been improved resulting in the growth of the charity and its reputation and influence.

This is set to be a really inspiring event. Places are limited so book your ticket without delay.

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