June 2020 Newsletter

This month brings exciting news about York’s bid for Emergency Active Travel funding from the Government and an update about our objections to the threatened closure of Terry Avenue during flood defence works. Plus an inspiring story in Wheel Spiels, more legal advice from Pryers Solicitors and another cycle trail round York – this time with a stained glass theme – to keep you pedalling through the pandemic.

YCC helps steer York’s bid for Government funding

YCC have been working flat out with the Civic Trust this week, to help the council put together an ambitious proposal for the Government’s first instalment of Emergency Active Travel funding. We can’t reveal what is in the bid just yet, but we hope that the council will issue a press release soon. York has been allocated an initial budget of £173,000, which needs to focus on providing safe cycle routes to replace the busiest public transport journeys.

The work needs to be started within 4 weeks and completed within 8 weeks. Whilst the initial bid doesn’t include everything YCC would have liked to have seen we think it provides a promising start, and should be something we can build upon, continuing to collaborate with the Civic Trust and the council, to create a comprehensive safe and accessible active travel network across York and beyond. If York’s initial proposal is looked upon favourably by the Government, and York carries out the work to schedule, then a potential £694,000, and possibly even more, is available to the city in the second round of funding.

This links to our announcement that we have worked with the Civic Trust to produce a citywide walk/cycle transport strategy paper.

Make York better for cyclists and pedestrians

York Cycle Campaign have just launched a new Safe Streets York initiative using the online mapping tool Commonplace. The initiative will crowdsource locations around the city that cause unnecessary frustration and danger to residents and visitors getting about on foot and by bike. Already we’ve had over 1500 interactions in just one week! If you’ve not already have a go, but we’d also really encourage you to share it with friends, family and colleagues.

The process is simple; find the issue on the map – tell us what it is – hit submit!

Give it a go at SafeStreetsYork.Commonplace.is

Terry Avenue closure during flood alleviation works: our objections

We recently wrote to the council planning officers to update our objections to the Clementhorpe and South Bank flood alleviation scheme works. We are particularly concerned that, when the Government’s measures against the pandemic include optimising conditions for walking and cycling, this key north-south route is threatened with closure. If the closure goes ahead we want a comparable alternative to be provided. In our opinion, the current proposals are neither adequate nor safe, exposing the 2000 cyclists who ride down Butcher Terrace to undue risk from large vehicles such as caravans and HGVs. The planning application will be decided at the Planning Committee meeting on 11 June 2020 at 10:30am. It will be live streamed on the City of York Council YouTube channel.

Wheel Spiels: Cycling along the road to recovery

Commuting by bike was second nature for Dorinda Gear until a horrific accident left her with severe injuries, including a broken back. She shares the story of her return to the saddle and how vital cycling has been to her recovery, both practically and emotionally. She has high hopes that York will become a trailblazing zero carbon city, with safe cycling for all at its heart.

Practical legal advice: hit and run

Pryers Solicitors provide practical, easy-to-follow advice about what to do if you are involved in a collision whilst riding your bike, particularly if it is a hit and run or involves an uninsured driver.

New: stained glass bike trail

Following on from the York Menagerie trail last month, Rebecca Lack and Rob Ainsley have compiled a cycle trail that celebrates York’s stained glass – and not necessarily the obvious candidates. Featuring a butcher’s and baker’s but no candlestick maker’s (yet), this 9km (6 mile) takes you around the city and its immediate vicinity, and challenges your powers of observation.

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