Winter Riding Tips

As the nights draw in, we asked members their best tips for riding through the autumn and winter. All these seasonal tips are valuable, but at this time perhaps pay most attention to number ten:

  1. When it’s bad weather, brake earlier and before the corner – you won’t know if that corner’s icy or covered in diesel until you get to it.
  2. Be careful riding on wet leaves & mud which can be as slippery as ice. Along with puddles they can also hide potholes which always get worse at this time of year.
  3. When riding in snow, it’s best to reduce the pressure in your tyres to their minimum as this gives better grip – don’t forget to pump them back up again later.
  4. Keeping a good pair of waterproof trousers in a pannier can save you (or your trousers at least) if you get caught in the rain.
  5. A snood is great for keeping your neck warm and can easily adjust whilst riding, it also doubles as a handy face covering when you’re in the shops.
  6. Check that your lovely warm coat doesn’t hang over your rear light if it’s on your seat post, if you’ve got a rear pannier rack try fixing the light to this to keep it clear.
  7. If you’re off the road and on a shared path, switch from flashing to steady lighting for everyone’s comfort.
  8. Get in the habit of charging lights on a regular schedule so you know they’ve got charge, rather than waiting for them to go flat. Having in two pairs of lights, not only will you be more visible you’ll have a backup if one goes flat whilst you’re out.
  9. Do away with batteries altogether and invest in a wheel that has a hub dynamo.
  10. Most importantly, enjoy it. Whilst cycling you’re best placed to take your time and appreciate the seasonal delights of our city.

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