YCC Welcomes Navigation Road Consultation

The Campaign is welcoming a council consultation on improvements to Navigation Road, a key walking and cycling link into the city centre, and encouraging members to take part before the deadline on January the 4th.

On Monday this week (7th December 2020) City of York Council launched a new consultation on proposals to create a new low-traffic neighbourhood for Navigation Road. The aim of the proposals would be to reduce traffic using the neighbourhood as a short-cut avoiding the traffic light junction at Walmgate Bar, alongside upgrades to pedestrian and cycle facilities along the route.

A map produced by CoYC showing the proposed changes
A map produced by CoYC showing the proposed changes

Navigation Road forms part of NCN Route 658, better known as the Foss Islands Route, which provides a connection to shops and workplaces in the city centre from areas to the east of the city such as Tang Hall, Derwenthorpe, Osbaldwick, and Heworth. The short section of road is often complained about by members as a weak point in the Foss Islands Route, which is mostly quietways through the city centre and greenway to the east.

Traffic along this route is notorious on the Campaign’s Facebook members’ group for travelling at speed and dangerous close passes, as some drivers squeeze through the limited space left due to the parked cars rather than waiting for the short 100m stretch. Many members telling us that they are reluctant to cycle into the city centre with their families along this stretch, instead having to walk in or drive elsewhere. It is hoped in rerouting those cars that use this neighbourhood as a shortcut heading north such issues will be reduced and the route made attractive for families to travel into the city centre safely. However, as the restrictions only apply in one direction there is unlikely to be any improvement seen relating to people short cutting south-bound, and there are concerns that people will continue to travel north ignoring the restrictions.

As well as reducing traffic, changes are proposed for the end of Hungate Bridge where it meets the exit of Rowntree Wharf. Whilst proposals are unclear, it is hoped that the changes will resolve issues the bollards creating a pinch point for pedestrians and cyclists and clear up the ambiguity of priorities over vehicles leaving the car park.

Bollards at the bottom of Hungate Bridge cause a pinch point for pedestrians and cyclists

Changes are also proposed for the junction with Foss Islands Road to increase safety for cyclists, and make accessing/exiting cycle track alongside Foss Islands Road safe. Since 2005, there have been 19 reports of traffic collisions involving cyclists 50m stretch of track from this junction. As well as being unsafe the track is difficult to access and leave, especially whilst cars are queueing waiting to exit onto Foss Islands Road. We hope that proposals for the junction once released will follow the latest LTN 1/20 design guidelines to relieve this issues, making the track and easier and more attractive route to the retail park and beyond.

The junction with Foss Islands Road where access off the cycle path can prove tricky

How you can help

York Cycle Campaign will be submitting a formal response to the consultation, although we do strongly encourage members to submit their own comments. It takes about five minutes but the more members who submit comments the stronger the representative voice of the Campaign. This puts us in a stronger position to input into consultations. So if you can please take a few minutes to respond here.

If you think there are important points that should be considered in our response, please flag it in the members’ Facebook group or email us at YorkCycleCampaign@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “YCC Welcomes Navigation Road Consultation

  1. Outcome of this consultation is due to be reported to Transport Decision Session on Feb 9th. Papers for the meeting will be published the week beforehand and there will be opportunity to speak to the meeting prior to the decision.


  2. It’s good the council are finally considering cyclists. But more needs to be done.


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