Terry Avenue: Closure 17th May

If you’ve been down the river recently you’ll have seen that the first stage of works for the Clementhorpe flood defence scheme have ramped up over the past weeks, creating the large construction compound and road at the southern end of Rowntree Park. The Environment Agency have now confirmed that the next phase of the works will commence imminently, with Terry Avenue closing to cycle and foot through-traffic from Monday 17th May 2021 for approximately 12 months.

What Happening?

The Environment Agency is undertaking a £7,7m construction scheme to protect housing in the Clementhorpe Area with a series of flood gates and walls. In order to undertake this work the section of Terry Avenue from Roomzzz up to Skeldergate will be closed entirely to the public.

Several diversions for cyclists and pedestrians are in place, which should be signed at the beginning of and along the route.

New Walk Diversion

New Walk is given as a riverside diversion for both pedestrians & cyclists, before being taken up Tower Street and across Ouse Bridge.

If you’re planning on using this diversion, don’t forget to keep an eye on the ‘Is It Flooded Now?’ website after periods of heavy rain. You may also find that the route will get even busier at peak times with Terry Avenue being out of action, so please share with care.

If you have a larger cycle such as a cargo bike, trailer, or adapted cycle you may find this route unsuitable due Blue Bridge, a temporary accessible bridge such as we saw last winter is not planned during the works despite requests. There are also no plans for any improvements along the notoriously busy Tower Street and Ouse Bridge.

Bishopthorpe Road Diversion

Bishopthorpe Road is the main signed diversion route for pedestrians, and may be an option for more confident cyclists who are comfortable cycling on busy roads – however no signage is planned for diverting cyclists on this route.

South Bank Diversion

The alternative signed diversion route for cyclists is via South Bank and Bishophill, quite literally taking you around the houses. The route proposed from south to north is;

  • Millenium Bridge,
  • Butcher Terrace,
  • across Bishopthorpe Road onto South Bank Avenue,
  • right onto Nunthorpe Grove,
  • straight across Southlands Road onto Thorpe Street (you may find using Millfield Road which is the next road to the west easier in terms of gradient but be aware that this is used as a rat-run),
  • left onto Scarcroft Road,
  • right onto Upper Price Street,
  • left onto St Benedict Road, following it around onto Cygnet Street then Swann Street – please note that barriers along this section don’t meet current width guidelines,
  • right onto Nunnery Lane,
  • left onto Victor Street (through Victoria Bar),
  • left onto Lower Priory Street – please note barriers along this section don’t meet current width guidelines,
  • right onto Bishophill Junior, following onto Fetter Lane,
  • rejoin Skeldergate near the traffic lights

The diversion route is same in reverse to travel north-south.

Plans have been put forward to create an island on Scarcroft Road for turning right into Upper Price Street/Thorpe Street however these won’t be in place in time for the start of the diversion. There are no further plans in place for improvements along this route.

Caravan Site, Park & Hotel Traffic

Due to the closure happening north of Roomzzz, the campsite & Rowntree Park’s car park access to these for motor vehicles will not be possible along the normal route. Traffic wanting to access these locations is being diverted to enter Terry Avenue from Butcher Terrace and make use of the new road that has been constructed to access them from the south.

Construction Works

The majority of construction traffic will also be accessing Terry Avenue via Butcher Terrace, however unlike access to the caravan site, park, and hotel, there are restriction in place on when traffic should be arriving. These are:

  • During school term time; large construction vehicles confined between 9:30 to 14:30 Monday to Friday, and 9:00 to 13:00 Saturdays,
  • Outside school term time; large construction vehicles confined between 9:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, and 9:00 to 13:00 Saturdays,
  • Smaller construction vehicles confined between 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, and 9:00 to 13:00 Saturdays.

Information & Concerns

If you’d like to find out more visit the York Flood Alleviation Scheme Website, visit their Facebook page, or follow the Environment Agency in Yorkshire on Twitter: @EnvAgencyYNE. You can also be asked to be put on the Environment Agency’s mailing list for updates on the works by emailing: yorkfloodplan@environment-agency.gov.uk.

If you have concerns about anything you see during the construction works, the Environment Agency has offered the following emails:

Alternatively you can write to:

Clementhorpe Flood Alleviation Scheme Team, York Flood Plan Team, Environment Agency, Foss House 1-2, Peasholme Green, Kingspool, York, YO1 7PX

Or by calling the engagement officer 9:00-17:00 Monday to Friday on: 07814 283906. If the incident needs a more rapid response, the out of hours incident line is : 0800 80 70 60.

Finally, if you’d like to speak to someone in person, an engagement cabin will be open on site Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays between 9:00-17:00

Interactive Map Of The Closure & Diversion

If you’re struggling to view the map on this page, try visiting the full page version of the closure map, alternatively you can view PDFs of the diversions produced by the Environment Agency from their file share website.

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  1. Thorpe Street has an average incline of 4.07%, rising 55 feet above sea level to 64 feet above sea level over 221m. Millfield Road has a greater incline over its length. The average incline is 5.07% rising from 55ft above sea level to 68 feet above sea level over a distance of 228m.


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