City of York Council: get your act together

We’re livid about City of York Council’s failure to deliver on its active travel schemes, and their current recommendation to scrap two vital schemes.

We’ve put together an email asking City of York Council to ‘get their active travel act together’, and we’re asking you to Email York Council now – in one click and let them know that you want to see real progress on safe cycle routes for York.

All you need to do is sign the email, and include your address (so that your MP knows you live in their constituency). Feel free to add a personal message if you want to, and please share with your own networks. We’d like City of York Council to receive a deluge of messages telling them to get their Active Travel Act together!

5 thoughts on “City of York Council: get your act together

  1. I am in complete ageement with Rachel Store. I have to face my fear every time I cycle on the streets or along cycle tracks.Mostly othe cyclists, pedestriasnson their phones, dogs without leads, potholes and, of coutse, motorists, including buses. I am seriouzly considering giving up cycling in York as being to hazardous..


  2. I am so disappointed that the Heslington to Wheldrake cycle route has been abandoned yet again. It would save many commuter car miles and be a lovely recreational route.
    As an aside the road surfaces in York are hazardous. Cycling along roads in York at night you have a good chance of getting your wheel stuck in a ridge and risk falling off.


  3. As a 72 year old cyclist, I agree with all the comments of Rachel Store.
    For a cycling city, things could be definitely improved for safety on both roads and cycle tracks.


  4. I am a cyclist and im becoming more concerned for my own safety and fellow cyclists from dangerous situations on the road. To add to that am also v concerned about the amount of cyclists using the footpaths. To make a point the elderly lady who was killed as cyclist came hurtling round the bend knocking her over. I know Holland and belgiums system isn’t fully obtainable here as the infrastructure wasn’t introduced when the road systems were designed but we have to keep working towards better systems please.


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