Terry Avenue Closure: What’s Happening

If you have travelled up Terry Avenue or across Millennium Bridge this week you’ll have noticed that works to form the construction compound for the Environment Agency’s flood defence works for Clementhorpe. This is in preparation for the main works, and closure of Terry Avenue for 12 months, starting from the 1st of April. SoContinue reading “Terry Avenue Closure: What’s Happening”

Don’t Cycle

Work is starting on the Clementhorpe flood alleviation scheme, and the popular riverside walk/cycle route along Terry Avenue will be closed from Monday 15th March for at least one year. Compound construction work will start on Monday 1st March. York Cycle Campaign are recommending that cyclists avoid the area during working hours and consider alternativeContinue reading “Don’t Cycle”

Terry Avenue Disappointment

Earlier this week (13th January) we heard that the Environment Agency had changed its mind, and that there would be no access along Terry Avenue for pedestrians and cyclists during the installation of the Clementhorpe flood defences. It’s disappointing to hear this and we still don’t know the exact reasons for the U-turn, but weContinue reading “Terry Avenue Disappointment”

Clementhorpe flood defence proposals: “Serious safety failings” remain

The Environment Agency has now submitted an amended Clementhorpe and Southbank flood alleviation scheme works. You can see the documents associated with their amended proposal here, using the reference 19/00570/FUL in the search box. However, in our view serious safety failings remain and we will be submitting an objection on highway safety grounds. The amended plansContinue reading “Clementhorpe flood defence proposals: “Serious safety failings” remain”