Get It Fixed

Cycling in York isn’t always plain sailing; from potholes to missing signs, bike thefts to dangerous driving there are many things that can cause a drag on what should be an experience of freedom.

We’ve compiled the list below to help you find solutions to those irritations on your ride. If you think we’ve missed something please let us know by emailing

York Cycle Campaign isn’t responsible for the content off external websites or the actions taken by the organisations/authorities linked to. Links are tailored for York and may not be relevant if your issue lies outside of the city.

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Potholes and poor quality road surfaces
Issues with signage, street furniture & lighting
Cycle theft/vandalism
Dangerous road users

Potholes and poor quality road surfaces

Report It Online (Roads and Pavements)- City of York Council
You can report a host of issue with the roads/cycle paths on the council’s website including:
• Potholes,
• Dangerous surfaces,
• Missing, uneven or damaged gullys/manholes,
• Faded/missing line markings,
• Oil/paint spills & mud,
• Vehicle debris,

Cycling UK have also developed the ‘Fill That Hole’ smartphone app that allows you to report potholes whilst out and about from your phone, to any local authority.
Get it for Android or for iOS.

Issues with signage, street lights & bollards

The Council’s Report It Online website can be used to report any issues you come across with council owned street furnishings and lighting.

Report It Online (Street Furniture)- City of York Council
For problems with signs and bollards, as well as other items of street furniture such as railings and bus stops.

Report It Online (Lighting) – City of York Council
For problems relating to street lights, illuminated signs & zebra crossing lights (Belisha beacons).

For problems with traffic lights/pedestrian crossings, you need to contact the council’s Transport Systems Team on 01904 551550 or at

Cycle theft/vandalism

In an emergency, or if there is an immediate risk, always call 999.

To report a crime, you can contact the police by calling 101. If you have a speech or hearing impairment, you can textphone with 18001 101.

Some advice provided by North Yorkshire Police on how to reduce the risk of your bike being stolen:
•Ideally, use two secure-rated locks for maximum security,
•Lock both wheels and the frame (or wheel and frame with one lock),
•Always lock the frame to a solid object such as a bike stand/rack,
•Two types of locks (chain/cable or D-lock) are harder to break,
•Remove all your bike accessories every time you leave it unattended,
•Don’t leave your bike locked in a secluded location,
•Don’t lock it so it can be lifted over a post – signs can be unscrewed!
•Don’t let your lock lie on or near to the ground as it can be smashed,
•Don’t leave space inside a D-lock where tools can be inserted,
•Don’t leave your bike on a car rack overnight,
•It’s beneficial to any police investigation to have photographs of the bike itself, any distinguishing marks on the bike, and it’s serial number.
The police in York regularly hold property marking or ‘Dotpeen’ events where they will mark you cycle with a permanent unique code and add it to a national police register. Marking you cycle in this way can significantly increase your chances of recovery if it does go missing. To find out more visit the North Yorkshire Police website or search Twitter for #whatisdotpeen (does not require an account).

Dangerous Road Use

In an emergency, or if there is an immediate risk, always call 999.
If you have concerns about dangerous road user you wish to report, you can contact the police by calling 101. If you have a speech or hearing impairment, you can textphone with 18001 101.

If you have captured a video of dangerous road use on a helmet/handlebar camera, you can send it to North Yorkshire Police via their Operation Spartan website.

We’ve got a separate advice article on what steps you can take if you’ve been affected by a hit & run, read it here.

Illegally parked vehicles should be reported to the Council. You can do so by calling their Parking Hotline on 0800 1381119. Visit their website for full details of operational hours and call charges.