A Stylish Start To A Break In York

A new hotel, No.1 by GuestHouse, has opened on Bootham and uses Christiania cycle to meet guests arriving at the rail station and carry their luggage and it’s proving popular. Campaign member Rebecca asked Rachel Smith, the Marketing Manager, where this fits into their strategy.

When did No.1 by GuestHouse, York open?
Friday, 10 December 2021.

You have taken over the property that was The Grange. What is the relationship if any between that and the new hotel?
There’s no relationship at all. The Grange was sold to GuestHouse Hotels in 2020.

Why York?
What’s left of the Roman city walls is just a short walk away. York Minster (the most uttered word on sight of which is ‘wow’) is just a 10-minute walk away. York is rich with history but also with modern-day creativity and a seriously good bunch of restaurants and bars to check out.

Who does your hotel attract?
GuestHouse hotels are aimed at couples, families, and animal lovers. We have everything you’d need to have a relaxing stay away from the everyday stresses of life. There are special touches for kids like instax cameras, teepees in the rooms and kids menus. Plus, we have blankets, treats, and bowls for four-legged friends.

What do guests give as their reasons for coming here?
City staycation. Weekend break. Visiting family.

You have offered luggage transfer by cargo cycle between the accommodation and the rail station from the start. Who had the idea and what was the inspiration?
Our other hotel in Bath started it to encourage guests to travel by train rather than drive.

How do guests benefit from this service?
They can head straight into town off the train to explore rather than carry their bags across to the hotel then head back in to town.

How does the premises benefit?
Happy guests from the get go!

What are the are benefits for York?
Fewer cars coming in and out of the city. More footfall through the train station and more tourism heading into the shops/attractions, etc, rather then heading straight to the hotel.

Do guests make use of it?
We have at least 2-3 pick-ups a day. Guests speak very highly of it.

Do you offer other cycle-related services to guests?
We have 2 Brompton bikes. We offer helmets and bike locks. We wanted to continue the idea of guests arriving by train and avoiding using cars. So allowing guests to borrow bikes was just an extension of this. The bikes get serviced by our maintenance man every 3 months, or more regularly if an issue arises.

The Rhubarb Bar , The Restaurant at No.1, York and The Marmalade Lounge and the spa are open to everyone. Do you have for cycle parking for non-residents coming for a meal or a drink?
We do have some cycle racks at the back in the car park. But these are mainly used by staff.

How many people take up the cycle hire?
Not too many at the moment. But we have only just started telling people about it.

Does your company have plans to expand what it offers people who cycle, or who might want to do so, while staying with you?
Definitely, yes. We plan to try and get involved with a bike tour guide in York who we can send guests off with for the day through summer. Also, will offer picnic options to take out for the day.

What have your guests said is the most enjoyable thing about this city?
The history.

Is there anything that has surprised your guests about York?
The fact it’s not as far away as they expect! We get a lot of Londoners staying and they always say they can’t believe how quick it is to travel up by train.

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