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Updates from our latest campaigning activities.

Inactivity on Active Travel

The projected emissions pathway in the draft climate change strategy (which doesn’t even get York near its commitment to be net zero by 2030) reports that York needs to see a 71% reduction in transport emissions by 2030, which will be achieved by a 25% decrease in the number of miles driven and a 33% increase in active travel. York Council has been awarded £1.2m in total via the last three Government Active Travel Fund bids, and yet the record of delivering these schemes is abysmal. Not one of the major cycle schemes has reached the consultation stage, let aloneContinue reading “Inactivity on Active Travel”

City of York Council: get your act together

We’re livid about City of York Council’s failure to deliver on its active travel schemes, and their current recommendation to scrap two vital schemes. We’ve put together an email asking City of York Council to ‘get their active travel act together’, and we’re asking you to Email York Council now – in one click and let them know that you want to see real progress on safe cycle routes for York. All you need to do is sign the email, and include your address (so that your MP knows you live in their constituency). Feel free to add a personalContinue reading “City of York Council: get your act together”

Active Travel Funding Threatened

Last week City of York Council was awarded £350,000 of active travel funding to carry out cycle parking improvements and create ‘people streets’ outside two schools. This small crumb from the £2 billion active travel funding pot confirms that York, along with Bournemouth and Worcestershire, has been placed firmly on the naughty step by the Department for Transport. The slap in the face reflects it’s failure to implement previous active travel schemes such as the segregated cycle route along Bootham and Shipton Road, and its refusal to follow Government guidelines on schemes such as Tadcaster Road and Piccadilly. Meanwhile, councilsContinue reading “Active Travel Funding Threatened”

There’s Room On Piccadilly

Photo credit: Richard Lane The Campaign is speaking at an Executive Member for Transport Decision Session today (17th May 2022), at which proposals are being put forward for the redevelopment of Piccadilly as part of the Castle Gateway Masterplan. Whilst it’s great that this part of the city is getting some much needed attention the proposals being put forward don’t meet any of the national guidance for safe cycle infrastructure, a fact acknowledge in the proposals themselves! Following a well attended protest on Saturday, campaign member Jamie Wood is delivering our comments on the proposals, and how they could easilyContinue reading “There’s Room On Piccadilly”

Clifford’s Tower Planning Response

Planning was submitted in February for the latest section of the Castle Gateway masterplan, under the planning reference 22/00209/FULM. The proposals remove the car park at the base of Cliffords Tower replacing it with a multi-function landscaped area which extends to the Eye of York and along Tower Street in front of the Hilton hotel. Campaign members have assessed the proposals using the Cycling Level of Service tool provided in LTN 1/20 to form our response the application – which you can read in full below. 1. Summary This comment has been put together with the assistance of members ofContinue reading “Clifford’s Tower Planning Response”

Barbican Road Consultation

The Campaign has consulted with it’s members on the Traffic Signal Asset Renewal (TSAR) proposals for the junction of Barbican Road and Paragon Street, as shown in drawing CYC_TST-YK2230-P-001 revision (P01), which was shared to the Campaign for consultation.

Roman Quarter Planning Response

In January developers re-submitted plans for a mixed-use development on Rougier Street, consisting of offices, a hotel, flats, and a new museum exhibiting the city’s Roman heritage – earning the development the ‘Roman Quarter’ name. The project reimagines the development which was rejected on its first application, after numerous objections to its appearance. The project, which sits alongside Lendal Bridge, includes two key cycle links from Rougier Street to the riverside route Wellington Row; Tanner’s Moat and Tanner Row. The submitted designs propose a cycle path through a newly pedestrianised Tanner’s Moat, and a more distinct contraflow down Tanner Row.Continue reading “Roman Quarter Planning Response”

Acomb Scheme Saved

The Campaign were shocked last week the hear that proposals to improve Acomb Road, making it safer for cyclists, could be dramatically slashed from 1.5 miles to just 0.6 miles. With the scheme running only from the Fox Junction to Hebden Rise, instead of all the way to Beckfield Lane. Last week campaign member Nathan shared his own struggles of cycling along this route taking his daughter to school through a series of videos. Listed as one of the city’s Emergency Active Travel schemes, the scheme was awarded funding from central government along with 23 other schemes around the city.Continue reading “Acomb Scheme Saved”

Aerial view of the Ordnance Lane development by Mikhail Riches

A Development to Support

It’s not often that the campaign receives a planning application we feel that we can wholeheartedly endorse. Well it’s hats off to City of York Council Housing Delivery Team and architects Mikhail Riches for coming up with an innovative and exciting project on Ordnance Lane / Hospital Fields Road. We are excited about many facets of this development, but most of all welcome the ambition to create a community that puts car-free living at the heart of its vision and goes the extra mile to provide viable alternatives – including community cargo bikes, car-share provision and excellent cycle infrastructure. The siteContinue reading “A Development to Support”

National Railway Museum Objection

This week York Cycle Campaign submitted an objection to the reserved matters planning application for changes to the National Railway Museum which will see Leeman Road closed as it runs between the two parts of the museum.

Changes to the Highway Code

As of today (Saturday 29th January) new changes to the Highway Code have been introduced that aim to better protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders.

Letter to COP26 Governments

York Cycle Campaign are proud to be signatories of the European Cyclists’ Federation’s (ECF) joint letter to governments at COP26 calling on them to boost cycling levels to tackle climate change.

Tadcaster Road Consultation Response

During September 2021, City of York Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) consulted on design for changes for Tadcaster Road that aim to improve active travel and public transport along the key route in and out of the city. Earlier in the month we shared our first impressions of the design, below we share our formal response that was submitted to the consultation in which we assess the designs against LTN 1/20 – the current guidance on providing cycle infrastructure produced by the Department of Transport. The Core Design Principles  Section 1.5 of LTN 1/20 sets out that cycleContinue reading “Tadcaster Road Consultation Response”

Tadcaster Road Improvements: A First Look

At the end of August a consultation was launched between City of York Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WCAS) for changes to Tadcaster Road.
A team of members have been raking through the proposals, and comparing them against the latest cycle infrastructure design guidance LTN 1/20.

Statement: Cycling Numbers Decline

Since 2014 cycling rates in ‘cycling city’ have been declining. A recent council report showed that since 2014 12,000 less people are cycling in the city. The report also shows that during lockdown cycling levels plummeted by 84%, a drop made all the more dramatic when compared to figures in the rest of the UK which saw an increase 46%.

Piccadilly Proposals

In early July plans were revealed for the redesign of Piccadilly as part of the Castle Gateway masterplan. The Campaign were dismayed that despite various conversations during the public engagement process space has been found for any segregated cycle lanes leading into the city centre linking from the Ouse riverside paths via the new cycle bridge announced last year. Instead road safety measures are reliant on a 20mph speed limit and ‘meandering’ design which the Campaign don’t believe provide the best approach possible in providing safe cycling for everyone wanting to reach the city centre. We’ve previously covered this inContinue reading “Piccadilly Proposals”

Inclusive & Disability Cycling In York

Our new report identifies more than 30 instances of York cycle infrastructure which do not comply with the Equality Act 2010. It comes with the warning that if City of York Council does not step into gear and rectify the problems, they will be forced to take legal action, which could end up with the council having to forkout as much as £50,000 for every person that pursues action via the small claims court.  The report, Inclusive and Disability Cycling in York details non-complaint infrastructure across York and details many types of disabled-friendly cycle infrastructure that a welcoming and inclusiveContinue reading “Inclusive & Disability Cycling In York”

Make Space for Cycling protest outside minster to make

Letter: Clean Air Day Protest

This article was updated on the 2nd August 2021 to include a response recieved from the council. Jump to the response. The following letter is being sent to York City Council: We are writing to ask you why there has been so little progress on the Emergency Active Travel Fund Schemes in York? It is now nearly a year since the council was awarded over £850,000 of Government funding for active travel schemes in York and yet very few of the proposed schemes are in place. In particular we are greatly concerned by your failure to install safe segregated cycleContinue reading “Letter: Clean Air Day Protest”

Cycle parking in Parliament Street, York

City Centre Access: A Proposal

This page was updated on the 3rd July 2021 to include a missing map of the route. City of York Council are currently consulting on what the city centre might look like in years to come through the My City Centre York program. As part of this questions are being asked on what access to and around city centre could look like. The following events area being held over the coming month (June 2021) which we’d encourage you to take part in: Cycling in York City Centre WorkshopsFriday 11th June 2021 – 10:00am to 11:30amThursday 17th June 2021 – 6:00pmContinue reading “City Centre Access: A Proposal”

CoYC April 2021 Update

The Sustainable Transport Manager Julian for City of York Council, Julian Ridge, has offered to provide the Campaign with regular updates of progress on schemes by the council across the city. Here is the first of those updates; As the weather warms up there has been a lot of cycling activity at CYC.  We have made job offers both to a new Active Modes Planner (who we hope to introduce next month once they’ve started) and to a Programme Manager for the Active Travel Fund.  Design work is continuing on the cycle lane scheme for Bootham and Shipton Road, withContinue reading “CoYC April 2021 Update”

Jamie Wood attempting to pass through the Hob Moor barriers on his trike

Taking Legal Action on Barriers

In December campaign member Jamie shared with us details of a Freedom of Information request he put in about the inaccessible barriers at Hob Moor. Now he updates us on what happens since, and how you can follow his lead.

Fix Your Bike Vouchers

The Government has brought back its Fix Your Bike Voucher scheme, offering a voucher for use towards cycle repairs up to the value of £50. Apply for a voucher of up to £50 on the Fix Your Bike website when vouchers become available. Find a Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme-registered bike mechanic to repair your bike using the map of participating bike shops and mechanics. Bring your bike in to your chosen repairer to be fixed, using the voucher to cover up to £50 of the total cost of the repairs needed. Be quick, as vouchers are limited and previous releases have beenContinue reading “Fix Your Bike Vouchers”

Terry Avenue Closure: What’s Happening

If you have travelled up Terry Avenue or across Millennium Bridge this week you’ll have noticed that works to form the construction compound for the Environment Agency’s flood defence works for Clementhorpe. This is in preparation for the main works, and closure of Terry Avenue for 12 months, starting from the 1st of April. So what exactly is happening? And what do you need to know if you travel through this area? We’ve gone through the Environment Agency’s Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) and outlined the key points on how it will affect cycling in the area. Struggling to viewContinue reading “Terry Avenue Closure: What’s Happening”

Don’t Cycle

Work is starting on the Clementhorpe flood alleviation scheme, and the popular riverside walk/cycle route along Terry Avenue will be closed from Monday 15th March for at least one year. Compound construction work will start on Monday 1st March. York Cycle Campaign are recommending that cyclists avoid the area during working hours and consider alternative means of transport if they need to travel between Southbank and Fishergate, or from the Millennium Bridge to Skeldergate. “Cyclists and HGVs don’t mix and the danger to cyclists at the junction of Butcher Terrace and Bishopthorpe Road is very concerning,” the Campaign says. “WeContinue reading “Don’t Cycle”

Campaign Welcomes e-Bike Hire

Early this week (18th Jan 2021) City of York Council agreed to allow Tier expand its current offer to include e-bikes for public hire as well as the e-scooters currently on offer. The range in which hires will be allowed to be used, enforced by the e-assist cutting out if you go out of range, will be gradually increased to cover the whole of the city by March 2021. As with all e-bikes, the bikes on offer still require riders to pedal with the motors providing additional help. The e-assist function limited to 25 km/h (15.5mph) – at speeds overContinue reading “Campaign Welcomes e-Bike Hire”

Ride to Dunnington

“I used to cycle to work, but I’ve given up now; it’s just too dangerous,” explained Zoe. A small group of us were watching cars hurtle by, trying to figure out how conditions could be made safer for cyclists and pedestrians accessing the village of Dunnington .

Navigation Road LTN Consultation: Response

York Cycle Campaign broadly welcomes the proposals for conducting a trial low traffic neighbourhood on Navigation Road. Navigation Road. Navigation Road forms part of NCN Route 658, better known as the Foss Islands Route, which provides a connection to shops and workplaces in the city centre from areas to the east of the city such as Tang Hall, Derwenthorpe, Osbaldwick, and Heworth. The short section of road being considered for the LTN is often complained about by members as a weak point in the Foss Islands Route, which is mostly quietways through the city centre and greenway to the east.

A map showing responses to the Safe Streets York consultation

Safe Streets York Recap

During the summer we ran our Safe Streets York campaign with thanks to Commonplace who opened up their community engagement platform in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Between May and September 764 respondents from around York and it’s surrounding areas contributed to the map to give us a snapshot of the issues around the city facing pedestrians and cyclists. Struggling to view the map above? Try viewing the map directly in Google My Maps What’s the survey shown us? Comments relating to the design and provision of infrastructure equate for nearly three quarters of responses to the map, with theContinue reading “Safe Streets York Recap”

York Central Access

On the 12th of November, CoYC planning committee approved the reserved matters application for the access road into the York Central development north of the station. York Cycle Campaign spoke at the meeting to welcome the changes that had been made to the design for cycling and walking, but also highlight some remaining concerns about parts of the design. Below is a copy of the statement the Campaign delivered, and you can watch the committee meeting in full on the Council’s Youtube page. York Cycle Campaign welcomes that York Central access proposals have been revisited to improve their provision againstContinue reading “York Central Access”

York Outer Ring Road Proposals

City of York Council have been holding a consultation on the proposed dualling of the A1237 (Northern Outer Ring Road) between Clifton Moor and the A64 Hopgrove Roundabout. As well as dualling the road along the existing route, the proposals include a shared cycle/footpath running parallel to the road and enlarging existing roundabouts along the route. More information about the scheme can be found on the Council’s consultation page, where you can also lodge a comment up until Monday 16th November 2020. Below is a copy of the Campaign’s response to the consultation. York Cycle Campaign is significantly concerned byContinue reading “York Outer Ring Road Proposals”

Cycle ride with Councillors in Rawcliffe and Clifton Without

A ride was organised by members of York Cycling Campaign for councillors in the ward in order to view some of the problems and some of the good provision within the ward. Two of the ward councillors were able to attend: Sam Waudby and Daryl Smalley.  From YCC the participants were Tom Franklin, Robyn Jankel and David Hirst. A big thank you to Sam and Daryl for taking the time and trouble to join us, and especially to Sam who hasn’t cycled for a long while. The Route taken is shown on the map below: This differs from the originalContinue reading “Cycle ride with Councillors in Rawcliffe and Clifton Without”

Marygate to Bootham Consultation

York Cycle Campaign has welcomed proposed changes along the link between Scarborough Rail Bridge and Bootham Park that have been released by the council for consultation. Since the redevelopment of the bridge this route has become increasingly popular, despite the weaknesses in the link between the bridge and Bootham. The Campaign believes the proposed interventions put forward in this consultation will make significant improvements to this route, especially for accessibility of pedestrians and cyclists travelling east-west across the north edge of the city including towards York Hospital and York St. John. The proposed interventions are: Widening of the shared pathContinue reading “Marygate to Bootham Consultation”

Emergency Travel Fund Letter

On Monday the 3nd of August members of the Campaign came together to protest against the apparent lack of suitability in the Council’s proposals for tranche 2 of the Government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF). The EATF is a pot of money that has been allocated from central government to aid local authorities in implementing improved walking and cycling infrastructure in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The fund is targeted at improvements for opportunities for social distancing on our streets and making active travel modes a viable method of travelling around the city to avoid a traffic meltdown of travellersContinue reading “Emergency Travel Fund Letter”

Cycle Provision During COVID-19

Cycling is played a crucial transport role during the Covid-19 crisis, providing a safe means of transport for key-workers, enabling volunteers to deliver food and medication to those who are isolating, making green spaces accessible for those without access to gardens, and providing a much-needed safe means of exercise for ordinary people. Social distancing is going to be necessary for many months to come. In order to cope with this the city needs to adapt its infrastructure to support people and enable them to continue carrying out essential tasks and exercising. We outline our reasoning more fully in our blog post. OverContinue reading “Cycle Provision During COVID-19”

Make Room for Walking & Cycling in York During the Covid-19 Crisis

Our lives have changed dramatically in recent weeks. It’s been amazing and heartening to see how everyone has pulled together and adapted in creative and thoughtful ways. Cycling has played a crucial role, providing a safe means of transport for key-workers, enabling volunteers to deliver food and meds to those who are isolating, making green spaces accessible for those without access to gardens, and providing a much-needed outlet as a safe means of exercise for ordinary people. The drop in vehicle traffic and need to avoid public transport where possible has encouraged more people to start walking and cycling –Continue reading “Make Room for Walking & Cycling in York During the Covid-19 Crisis”

Remembering Paul Hepworth

“His bike… his tucked in trousers into his socks and his general deportment marked him out as One of Us.” York has lost one of its cycling legends. Paul Hepworth, AKA ‘Pedalling Paul’, was a tireless and doggedly polite campaigner for the rights of York’s cyclists. Many would have come across Paul in his various guises, not only as a lifelong cycle activist, but as a volunteer and active contributor to numerous causes in the local community: be it the Holgate Windmill, Poppleton Road Community Hall, Jo-Ro Theatre, the York Cycle Rally or with Visit York. But it’s as aContinue reading “Remembering Paul Hepworth”

Beat The Social Distancing By Bike

This article was edited on the 24th March 2020 reflect the latest instructions issued by the Government on the evening of Monday the 23rd March. In the past week the world as we know it has changed beyond what could have been imagined a few months, weeks, even days ago. Schools are closed to all but children of key workers, people are being encouraged to work at home, and pubs & restaurants have been closed. Whilst these social distancing moves are essential to beat the coronavirus pandemic, they will undoubtedly take their strain on on all of us. In theContinue reading “Beat The Social Distancing By Bike”

How would you spend £500,000 on York’s Cycle infrastructure?

York Cycle Campaign shared ideas with City of York Council Last July City of York council set aside £500,000 to invest in cycling infrastructure. York Cycle Campaign has been in discussion with the council to think about how this money is best spent. Andy Vose, the council’s Transport Policy Manager, has identified a list of cycle infrastructure projects, and has developed a method to weight and prioritise them. Meanwhile, the campaign’s BIG group have drawn up their own list of ‘pinch points’ and used the same methodology to see how the projects compare.  This process has raised a number ofContinue reading “How would you spend £500,000 on York’s Cycle infrastructure?”

Opening High Petergate

As of yesterday (03/03/2020) cycling down High Petergate during the daytime has been permitted for the first time in 20 years following a decision by the Executive Member for Transport back in October to approve a Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO). Since the year 2000 High Petergate has been included in the city centre footstreets area and as such its use by all vehicles has been prohibited between the hours of 10:00 and 17:00. This is despite the street’s key location within the city’s cycle network linking the north with the city centre and east of the centre – theContinue reading “Opening High Petergate”

Terry Avenue Disappointment

Earlier this week (13th January) we heard that the Environment Agency had changed its mind, and that there would be no access along Terry Avenue for pedestrians and cyclists during the installation of the Clementhorpe flood defences. It’s disappointing to hear this and we still don’t know the exact reasons for the U-turn, but we will now focus our efforts on campaigning for a safe and accessible diversion route. We will also continue to insist that good measures are put in place in the Butcher Terrace area to ensure that cyclists and pedestrians accessing the Millennium Bridge are kept safeContinue reading “Terry Avenue Disappointment”

Traffic Count: Hospital Fields Road

As regular users are no doubt aware, traffic exiting Hospital Fields Road or Barracks Lane gets an outrageously raw deal at the traffic lights on the Fulford Road intersection. This short phase is putting both cyclists and pedestrians in great danger. On Wednesday 6th November 5 volunteers from the cycle campaign braved the cold morning and performed a traffic count from 8am to 9am at the junction of Hospital fields road with Fulford Road. We were interested in the number of people that moved through this junction and the efficiencies of the light timings in terms of supporting fluxes ofContinue reading “Traffic Count: Hospital Fields Road”

Clementhorpe flood defence proposals: “Serious safety failings” remain

The Environment Agency has now submitted an amended Clementhorpe and Southbank flood alleviation scheme works. You can see the documents associated with their amended proposal here, using the reference 19/00570/FUL in the search box. However, in our view serious safety failings remain and we will be submitting an objection on highway safety grounds. The amended plans suggest that the works will not be as extensive and as a result are expected to take around one year, rather than the year and a half anticipated for the previous plans. We note that the traffic management plan incorporates some significant improvements for cyclistsContinue reading “Clementhorpe flood defence proposals: “Serious safety failings” remain”

Learn the secret to cycle campaigning, and come to YCC’s AGM on 29 November!

York Cycle Campaign has achieved a lot in recent years, but how do we make it even more successful? We’re delighted and excited to be welcoming Roxanne De Beaux, Executive Director of the immensely successful and influential Cambridge Cycling Campaign to come and talk at our AGM. This will take place at 8pm on 29 November at Cycle Heaven Hospital Fields Road. Roxanne will share her experiences with us and pass on some tips. Founded in 1995 Cambridge Cycle Campaign has 1,400 subscribed members today, and can take much of the credit for the improvements in cycle infrastructure and growthContinue reading “Learn the secret to cycle campaigning, and come to YCC’s AGM on 29 November!”

Age Friendly York Submission

The following was submitted to City of York Council’s Age Friendly York consultation. Just under a quarter of our membership are aged over fifty-five, with two thirds of them cycling at least 4 times a week. For these members cycling remains the firm favourite with 84% saying its their preferred way of getting around the city, followed by driving (5%) and getting the bus (3%). Rose, who is one of these members, has told us what being able to cycle means to her and the frustrations she faces. “I am an older cyclist, and a disabled cyclist. I’m also lateContinue reading “Age Friendly York Submission”

Cycle-only outbound access through Micklegate Bar: lets keep it!

Its nearly eight months since Micklegate Bar was restricted to only cyclists heading out of the city. Talking to our members they think it’s a success and want to see it retained beyond the remaining 10 months of the trial period. We wrote the below response to the Council’s consultation to tell them this, if you’d like to write your own response you can do so to In conversation with members since the start of the trial in December, we have heard many positive comments about the restrictions, which are of a huge benefit to cyclists using Micklegate asContinue reading “Cycle-only outbound access through Micklegate Bar: lets keep it!”

Our formal objection and suggested alternatives to the proposed closure of Terry Ave

The York Cycle Campaign has submitted a formal objection to the Environment Agency’s planning application to build flood defences for Clementhorpe on highway safety grounds. Our main focus is on the data which strongly suggests the proposed diversion could cause at least 20-30 cyclist casualties over the 18 month construction period. As we have long stressed, we are not against the flood defences themselves. But as an organisation campaigning to make cycling in York safer, we cannot condone any proposed development that would clearly put cyclists in York at increased risk of injury and possibly death. We do not believeContinue reading “Our formal objection and suggested alternatives to the proposed closure of Terry Ave”

Will the new Piccadilly be safe for a 12 year old cyclist?

York Castle Gateway’s latest development is the release of revised proposals for St George’s field and Piccadilly. Part of the wider masterplan to revitalise the area around Clifford’s Tower, these proposals will form the first phase of works. To the south, a new multi-storey car park on the site of St George’s Field will allow Clifford’s Tower car park to be closed and made into a public space. A new cycle path will come past the carpark to cross the inner ring road at a new signalised crossing, arriving in the gardens behind Castle Museum. From here a path willContinue reading “Will the new Piccadilly be safe for a 12 year old cyclist?”

Terry Avenue Under Threat

York Cycle Campaign has been made aware that a major route into the city centre could be shut for up to 18 months. Proposals to install flood defence works submitted by the Environment Agency could see Terry Avenue closed to cyclists during works to install a new flood gate at the foot of Clementhorpe and install a new flood wall in front of Waterfront House. YCC fully understand the need for flood protection in the city, and support their installation, but we don’t feel that enough thought has gone into mitigation measures whilst the works are carried out. Thousands ofContinue reading “Terry Avenue Under Threat”

Local Elections 2019

With Local Elections coming up next Thursday (2nd May 2019), and 88% of members surveyed saying they vote considering a candidate’s stance on cycling, we’ve had a look through the party manifestos and selected out policies on cycling.We’ve also selected policies that are closely linked to cycling, and which our members have told us matter, such as road maintenance and local air pollution. Pledges are directly quoted, although we’ve stripped out segments that aren’t relevant to cycling. Each pledge is shown under the headings they appear under in the manifestos so you can reference back to them in the originalContinue reading “Local Elections 2019”

Venus to Velodrome: an interplanetary social ride

In March, York Cycle Campaign organised a rather daunting social ride: to cycle across the solar system. Thankfully, as ride leader Rob Ainsley explains, there was no need for spacesuits or rocket fuel; just a thirst for knowledge and a working set of wheels… York has two separate Planets Trails. The more famous one starts with the sun at Tesco and finishes with Pluto at Riccall, en route to Selby. But there’s a smaller version, wound through the university campus, and this was the one visited by a small but enthusiastic group of riders on York Cycle Campaign’s leisure rideContinue reading “Venus to Velodrome: an interplanetary social ride”

Dual benefits: cycle superhighways and a dualled outer ring-road

Including cycle superhighways in a Council proposal to dual part of York’s outer ring road would boost the chances of the bid securing funding while also increasing cycling in the city, York Cycle Campaign has argued at a Council meeting. At the meeting, members of the City of York Council’s Executive (comprised of senior Councillors) were being asked to approve the allocation of £2.8m of match funding to lay the groundwork for a possible bid to dual part of the outer ring road, namely between Rawcliffe Bar and the Hopgrove roundabout, to the north of York. The remainder of theContinue reading “Dual benefits: cycle superhighways and a dualled outer ring-road”

Close the Gates

New trial to protect part of the historic city walls & enhance a key shopping street might close a road but could open up a street. Currently it’s the only one of York’s historic bars without any vehicle restrictions, but from this week (10th December 2018) all motor traffic will be banned from driving out through Micklegate Bar. This follows a decision made by the Council Executive in a meeting back in September, at which we represented your views, to introduce a trial traffic restriction suggested at by Cllr Johnny Crawshaw (Micklegate, LAB) at a Council meeting in May. “TheContinue reading “Close the Gates”

New station front plans put cyclists in danger, York Cycle Campaign says

York Cycle Campaign will today be urging the City of York Council Executive to direct that the planning application to overhaul York Station Front include a segregated cycleway northwards on Queen Street, as originally consulted on. Council officers by contrast are asking that they be allowed to remove provision for this segregated cycleway after consultation feedback from residents of the seven properties on this stretch, who reportedly feel they would be vulnerable to passing cyclists. As our statement (see below) will make clear however, the existence of a pavement directly outside these properties would mean that residents would not beContinue reading “New station front plans put cyclists in danger, York Cycle Campaign says”

Can’t walk; can cycle – York’s councillors see the benefits of opening up the city centre to cyclists

Travelling to and around York’s city centre should be simple for disabled residents who use cycles as mobility aids. Unfortunately, access restrictions and inadequate cycle infrastructure mean this is rarely the case. Senior councillors from three of York’s political parties saw these obstacles in person, when they joined York Cycle Campaign for a ride highlighting the difficulties disabled cyclists face in traversing and accessing our city centre. Councillors Peter Dew (Conservative; Executive Member for Transport & Planning), Janet Looker (leader of the Labour group) and Denise Craighill (Green councillor for Guildhall) all attended the event, along with two Campaign members whoContinue reading “Can’t walk; can cycle – York’s councillors see the benefits of opening up the city centre to cyclists”

Carlton Reid ushers York Cycle Campaign into its second year

At our AGM on Monday 12th November, we voted in a new committee (with several familiar faces), approved a revised pricing structure, and discussed the successes that YCC has had during its first year. This was preceded by a talk by the award-winning journalist, author, and campaigner, Carlton Reid. YCC member Rob Ainsley tells us more about Carlton’s message. In the 1930s, you didn’t go to the Netherlands to see a government confidently building wide, smooth, segregated new cycle paths alongside new main roads. You went to Britain. Sadly, our prewar network of many hundreds of kilometres of high-quality bike infrastructureContinue reading “Carlton Reid ushers York Cycle Campaign into its second year”

Campaign members call for cycling contraflow in Fossgate Consultation Response

During October 2018, City of York Council held a consultation on proposals to improve the street layout of one of York’s most popular shopping streets; Fossgate. York Cycle Campaign contacted all of our members to ask for their thoughts on the proposals via an online survey. The response we submitted to the consultation was based on this feedback. You can read our response in full below:

York Cycle Campaign goes to the cinema

What happens when you combine York Cycle Campaign’s message, a community hall and the beauty of moving pictures? That’s what the Campaign’s ever-industrious Events working group wanted to find out. So they contacted the wonderful people at St Clements Hall, who were more than supportive, even letting us choose the cinematic backdrop – the Oscar-nominated Belleville Rendez-vous. Like films, the evening could be said to have three acts. The first was the introductions, from St Clements Hall, Peter Thompson, and Robyn Jankel, YCC’s Communications Officer. Robyn explained to the packed hall that Belleville Rendez-vous was a fantastic film with hiddenContinue reading “York Cycle Campaign goes to the cinema”

Why York Cycle Campaign is objecting to the York Central outline planning application and urges you to do the same

We had high hopes for the proposed development at York Central. As a major development next to the station and enjoying a privilege unusual for York – a blank slate – the potential for York Central to be a showcase of sustainability while respecting York’s heritage greatly excited us. We therefore engaged with the consultation at an early stage, helping to organise a guided cycle ride to and from the site as part of the excellent MyYorkCentral consultation process, and making several written and oral representations to Council officers, Councillors and the York Central Partnership to try to ensure thatContinue reading “Why York Cycle Campaign is objecting to the York Central outline planning application and urges you to do the same”

Did you know that cyclists make up nearly half the rush hour traffic on Lendal Bridge? Yes really…

“Well it’s not Blackfriars Bridge, but it’s close,” said fellow York Cycle Campaign member Rebecca when I met her at 8am one May morning on Lendal Bridge for a cycling count. I confess that I was slightly sceptical that numbers of cyclists on Lendal Bridge could be comparable to those on London’s Blackfriars Bridge, where around 60% of people crossing the bridge do so by bicycle, but when the count was done, the numbers proved her right. Fully 47% of the vehicles (270) which crossed Lendal Bridge from the east/the direction of the Minster, were bicycles, and 53% (305) were motor vehicles, including buses, lorries, vans and cars. Of these motor vehicles,Continue reading “Did you know that cyclists make up nearly half the rush hour traffic on Lendal Bridge? Yes really…”

Campaign members call for Micklegate traffic restrictions

Ninety-seven percent of York Cycle Campaign members want restrictions on motorised traffic in Micklegate, according to a poll of members. The poll was carried out in preparation for a Campaign statement to the 13 September Decision Session of the Executive Member for Transport & Planning, Cllr Peter Dew. Cllr Dew was being asked to make decisions on a number of transport issues, including whether motorised traffic should be temporarily restricted in Micklegate, and if so how. By far the most popular option for restricting motorised traffic amongst Campaign members, at 69%, was that which both prevented motorised traffic from enteringContinue reading “Campaign members call for Micklegate traffic restrictions”

Bike Share Scheme Proposed for York

On Thursday 12th July 2018 the Council’s Executive Member for Transport and Planning met to discuss proposals to pave the way for introducing a Bike Share Scheme to the city. In the run up to meeting York Cycle Campaign polled its members to see if they supported a bike share scheme. 87% were in favour of a bike hire scheme, of which: 39% supported only a docked scheme; 16% supported only a dockless scheme; and 32% expressed no preference. The remaining 13% opposed a bike hire scheme. York Cycle Campaign had the opportunity to share the results of the poll,Continue reading “Bike Share Scheme Proposed for York”

York Station Front Masterplan

York Station Front Consultation was launched by City of York Council on June 11th 2018. York Cycle Campaign has submitted this response based on feedback and comments received from its growing membership. A online survey was created by the Campaign to allow its members to submit their comments on the proposals for cycling infrastructure. As well as being asked for their overall thoughts, the survey asked for comments on four key aspects of the proposal, which were identified from initial discussions on social media at the launch of the consultation. A 3D virtual tour released by the Council of theContinue reading “York Station Front Masterplan”

World Bicycle Day 2018

This article was updated on the 8th June 2018 to include a response from Cllr. Peter Dew, jump to that section. Earlier this year the United Nations declared the 3rd of June would be recognised as ‘World Bicycle Day’ in recognition of the bicycle’s, and all other types of cycle, position as ‘a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation’. On World Bicycle Day the UN calls upon all member nations, including the UK, to: devote particular attention to the bicycle in cross-cutting development strategies; improve road safety and integrate it into sustainable mobility and transport infrastructure planningContinue reading “World Bicycle Day 2018”

Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

Published in April 2017, the Government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy set out the aim make walking and cycling ‘the natural choice for shorter journeys or as part of a longer journey’. Following this, the Department for Transport have launched a call for evidence to review the actual and perceived issues received by cyclists and pedestrians using the road Over the coming weeks we’ll be discussing the issues raised in the Call for Evidence on social media through the hashtag #CWIS on Twitter and on the members only Facebook Group. However if you’re not on social media, or you preferContinue reading “Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy”

Festival of York Central

York Central is a significant brownfield development site immediately to the north of the railway station. As part of a partnership between Homes England, Network Rail, the City of York Council and the National Railway Museum, a masterplan to bring the site into use for housing and business is being developed. Recently a ‘Festival of York Central’ was held through March and April to showcase the emerging ideas and engage with the public on various topics through a number of events, including a cycle ride planned by York Cycle Campaign to look at what makes a good cycle route. TheContinue reading “Festival of York Central”

Castle Gateway Response

The latest proposals for the Castle Gateway masterplan were tabled at the City of York Council executive meeting at the end of last month (April 26th), for approval allowing the masterplan to move into its next stages. Campaign member Dr. Jamie Wood attended to present the a statement about the cycling provision indicated in the masterplan, on behalf of York Cycle Campaign: “First of all we want to express our thanks to the My Castle Gateway team, to Helen Graham and Phil Bixby in particular, as well the council and its officers for the wholehearted way they have embraced thisContinue reading “Castle Gateway Response”

Flooding Twitter with updates on #YorkCyclingFloods

Flooding in York is something of an inevitability.  And we’re nothing if not resourceful folks.  So perhaps it’s no surprise that the ever-creative Bike Belles came up with a way for cyclists in York to keep up to speed with the latest watery developments. It all started when a local cyclist asked iTravel York where to find updates on flooded cycle paths.  A brief Twitter exchange later and it was established that whilst the council have an online list of susceptible paths, they don’t monitor them on a regular basis.  And travel updates, of course, only ever cover the roadsContinue reading “Flooding Twitter with updates on #YorkCyclingFloods”

Cycle parking, infrastructure, and sausage rolls: Report from the second Walk Cycle Forum

Last week was the second installation of York’s new Walk Cycle Forum.  This time it was the turn of committee member Robyn to represent the campaign.  Here is her write-up of the event. This Walk Cycle Forum was a busy affair, with an awful lot to get through in a short amount of time. After stuffing ourselves from the buffet table (nobody’s creative juices can be expected to flow on an empty stomach), we began by discussing our “vision” for York of the future around our tables, and then sharing these dreams with the whole group.  Naturally, these mostly revolvedContinue reading “Cycle parking, infrastructure, and sausage rolls: Report from the second Walk Cycle Forum”

Response to CoYC decision to remove cycle path on Station Road/Rise junction

“Did you know that the Council is going to remove this cycle lane?” “What? That’s crazy! As if it’s not hard enough to cycle in York already!” Exchange between a York Cycle Campaign Committee member and a member of the public, both on bicycles, while waiting for the lights to change at the Station Road/Rise junction. On the 18th of December, 2017, the City of York Council publicly confirmed its intent to remove the marked cycle lane on Station Road as part of a project to overhaul the traffic lights at the junction. In doing so they confirmed that “theContinue reading “Response to CoYC decision to remove cycle path on Station Road/Rise junction”

My Castle Gateway Masterplan Ideas

In the cold of a late November weekend a small marquee made its way around the southern tip of York city centre, at each stop collecting a small gathering of passersby alive with discussion and debate. This conversation was inspired by the Masterplan Ideas for the Castle Gateway area, developed by international architecture and design practice BDP for the City of York Council. It was presented in this roving exhibition organised by My Future York as part of a wider consultation that started in the summer. Castle Gateway is defined as the area from Blue Bridge, where the Foss meetsContinue reading “My Castle Gateway Masterplan Ideas”

Wheels for Wellbeing: Cycling with MS

Jamie is a member of the York Cycle Campaign, and uses his electric-assist bicycle as his main method of transportation.  Here, Jamie recounts his recent trip to London for a conference held by Wheels for Wellbeing, a charity dedicated to improving cycling accessibility for disabled people.  Wheels for Wellbeing have just released their new handbook for Inclusive Cycling, which you can download here. The original version of this post can be found on Jamie’s blog.  I’m a cyclist. I’m also disabled. Cycling has become the only way I can have some independence and freedom. I cycle to work each day. I can cycleContinue reading “Wheels for Wellbeing: Cycling with MS”

Statement and Q&A with the CoYC Economy & Place Policy Development Committee

York Cycle Campaign Committee member Peter Sheaf made a statement to the City of York Council Economy & Place Policy Development Committee on 22nd November 2017, urging the Council Committee to ensure the City of York Council make good on its policy to encourage cycling. The Economy & Place Policy Development Committee is responsible for examining long term policy development across a number of areas including highways, transport & parking, and public protection. Here is Peter’s statement in full: Thank you for opportunity to speak to you. I’m here on behalf of the York Cycle Campaign, to highlight the importanceContinue reading “Statement and Q&A with the CoYC Economy & Place Policy Development Committee”

Walk Cycle Forum First Meeting

Committee member Peter Sheaf gives us his account of the first meet-up of the new Walk Cycle Forum of York, which has been set up to bring together interested parties looking to improve walking and cycling around our city.

AGM 2017 Minutes

York Cycle Campaign’s 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on the 2nd of October with the aim of reigniting the campaign after a long period of inactivity. The meeting is being seen as a success with 36 new members turning up, a new committee being elected and a new constitution adopted. There was also plenty of healthy debate about what the aims of the Campaign should be and how they should be achieved. All of which points towards a bright and active future for York Cycle Campaign. The minutes of the meeting can be here.